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Imagine a Life Without Anxiety

NEUROFEEDBACK is one of the most powerful methods for reducing anxiety and panic attacks, and it can even help reduce or eliminate anxiety medication. With practice and reinforcement, you can train your brain to control how you respond to stress rather than try to avoid it or live with it. Download and share a PDF [...]

Chronic Depression Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Life

Neurofeedback can break the pattern Download and share a PDF version Anti-depressants don’t always work well. Research suggests that half or more of people who try anti-depressants experience no benefit at all. For many others, medications reduce symptoms but don’t stop them. Anti- depressants can have unpleasant side effects. Side effects like reduced libido, weight [...]

Can You Get Rid of Chronic Migraines?

New type of biofeedback helps prevent or dramatically reduce migraines without medication Migraine headaches can ruin your life. They can make it challenging to work and take care of everyday tasks. They rob you of even the simplest of life’s pleasures. Even with medications, you probably still have migraines. Here’s how three chronic migrainers changed their [...]

Finding the “Sweet Spot” for Healing

Combining the right tools to help chronic body-mind issues Download and share a PDF version Healing physical and emotional issues can be quite complex. Sometimes there’s a medical fix, but often it’s a struggle to find answers. You search the internet. You talk to friends and family. You see a variety of doctors, maybe a therapist [...]

Is your Brain “Off Track”?

If you’re off track – what do you do? Can neurofeedback help? Download and share a PDF version Almost every day someone comes to me for help saying that they know something is wrong but can’t quite pinpoint the problem. My typical response: It sounds like your brain can’t quite get on track. Their typical [...]

Are you Chronically Anxious?

Neurofeedback Helps Chronic Anxiety Without Medication Download and share a PDF version TAKE A MOMENT TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS: Do you feel fearful? Do feelings of fear “come out of nowhere”? Do you worry excessively? Do your worries result in physical discomfort such as sweating or irritability or difficuity making decisions? Do you have trouble [...]

Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain?

Download and share a PDF version Feel like you’ve tried everything? Your doctor doesn’t know what else to do? Medication not a solution. A New Type of Biofeedback Can Break the Chronic Pain Cycle If you’re reading this, you’re probably desperately seeking a solution for chronic pain. You’ve likely sought help from several healthcare professionals, [...]