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Getting Started with Neurofeedback

Thinking About Doing Neurofeedback?
Here’s how to get started. . .

Considering doing neurofeedback is a big step for most people.

You probably want more information.

And you’ve noticed that our website is E-X-T-E-N-S-I-V-E.

This time-saving guide will help you narrow down the best places to look first and direct you where to go on our website to most easily learn about us and how we can help.

Wondering if we can help your particular problem? This page lists the concerns we most often deal with and directs you to pages dedicated to each of those problems.

Our FAQ’s can answer your questions. We’ve made great efforts to keep everything simple – but thorough. We’ve accumulated many questions over the years that are addressed here.

Call, email, or text us to learn more. Someone will get back to you who will listen and understand your concerns. For the last 25 years we’ve dealt with all kinds of situations and challenges.

Three ways to reach us:

Online contact form

E-mail:  info@centerforbrain.com

Call/text 561-744-7616.

Schedule a one-on-one consultation, either in-person or virtually. Your consultation involves an in-depth review of your individual concerns and the treatments you’ve tried. We create recommendations, options, or a customized plan for helping you. Visit our consultation page to learn what to expect.

Read short comments from our clients/patients on our testimonials page. Read detailed client stories, written from interviews, about how their lives have changed since doing neurofeedback training. It may give you hope for your own situation.

Listen or watch to learn more. This section includes helpful YouTube videos and webinars on topics such as ADHD, anxiety and sleep, many featuring Mike Cohen, Director of the Center for Brain Training, as host or guest.

Could a brain map be helpful before starting neurofeedback?
A brain map may very well be helpful before starting neurofeedback. However, not everyone needs a brain map. That’s one of the options we’ll discuss when you come for your consultation. To learn more about brain mapping click here.

Curious about fees? Find our price sheet here.
Keep in mind, however, that how many sessions a person needs, and which particular services they need, will vary, so the price sheet won’t tell you the whole story. That’s where the consultation comes in.

Call or text us at 561-744-7616.
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