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How Brain Mapping Helps Target Anxiety, Depression and ADHD with Neurofeedback

New technology pinpoints where the brain isn’t functioning well Fifty years ago when neurofeedback was in its infancy, brain mapping did not exist. Serious practitioners got pretty good at identifying what areas were playing a role in conditions such as ADHD, sleep, anxiety and learning challenges. However, when EEG brain mapping (known as a qEEG) [...]
Child with ADHD cannot concentrate.

Does Your Child Really Have ADHD?

by Mike Cohen, Director Center for Brain Training

Not every child who fidgets, has trouble paying attention or struggles in school has ADHD. In fact, 50 percent of children wearing this label also have a learning disability that might have been overlooked – something I see regularly in my practice.

The Benefits of Brain Mapping

Brain mapping provides neurofeedback clinicians excellent and specific information about what is actually going on in an individual’s brain. This valuable data helps explain specific behavior patterns, allows us to better target the most beneficial treatment protocols, and often allows more rapid and smooth results from neurofeedback training.

While not everyone needs a brain map,

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