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Neurofeedback Courses

Courses Overview

Neurofeedback 101 Course – At Center for Brain

Our Neurofeedback 101 course is one of the few neurofeedback courses that provides an overview of a variety of major equipment, software and methods.This is also a very hands on course and has a small class size so there is plenty of time for individual questions and focused attention to all attendees.  You will receive up to 5 neurofeedback sessions as well as administer 5 neurofeedback sessions. The in-person course takes place at Center for Brain.

Date: June 7th – 9th, 2024

Skill Level: Beginners and Beyond

Neurofeedback 201 – Course Recording

Skills Training, Protocol Options & Understanding the EEG – This course will help you learn how to target training based on the EEG.  We will review what’s a normal EEG, what’s abnormal and what’s artifact. Most of the principles taught in the course can be applied across all neurofeedback systems. This is an 8 hour audiovisual recording with instructor Michael Cohen & audience participation.

Skill Level: This course is designed for clinicians or individuals who have already taken an introductory course.

Alpha-Theta – Course Recording

Alpha-Theta can be a powerful tool to help release and reprocess the “psychological stuff” that has accumulated in our brains from a lifetime of events.  It’s a great tool for reaching deeper meditative states and “getting in the zone. This is a 6 hour audiovisual presentation with instructor Michael Cohen and audience participation..

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