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Do You Suffer from Chronic Pain?

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Feel like you’ve tried everything?
Your doctor doesn’t know what else to do?
Medication not a solution?

A New Type of Biofeedback Can Break the Chronic Pain Cycle

If you’re reading this, you’re probably desperately seeking a solution for chronic pain. You’ve likely sought help from several healthcare professionals, tried medications, pursued yoga or chiropractic or maybe even seen a mental health professional in case “it’s all in your head.”

You may be wondering: Will I have to live with chronic pain for the rest of my life? The answer is NO.

With the help of body biofeedback (BioRegulation Therapy/BRT)…You can retrain your nervous system to reduce pain.

You’ve heard it before. Some great new machine or procedure will solve your problem or reduce your pain. Then…it doesn’t live up to its promises. At the Center for Brain Training you’ll never be offered a technology that we haven’t thoroughly investigated and tested, no matter how good it sounds in theory.

In 2013 we learned of body biofeedback being used in Europe with great success. We were cautiously optimistic about its potential for our practice. However, we’ve built a solid reputation in South Florida for providing dependable, effective non-drug therapies such as neurofeedback that really do help patients with chronic pain (and other disorders such as anxiety and insomnia) who haven’t responded to conventional treatments.

To be incorporated into our sophisticated toolbox, body biofeedback had to meet my very stringent criteria (which few of the dozens of technologies I’ve evaluated over the years have): (1) Does it work consistently, beyond a doubt, with complicated, chronic, treatment-resistant cases? (2) And do results sustain over time?

To find out I put it to the test for six weeks – with some very difficult, chronic cases, including this one:

A 37-year-old woman had suffered for ten years with daily headaches and chronic back and neck pain. Just getting out of bed triggered severe pain throughout her body. She was unable to lift anything, turn her neck or lift her constantly stiff and painful shoulders. After undergoing one session, she reported for five days that she had been able to get out of bed easily for the first time in years, had had no headaches and had 70 percent improvement in her pain. (Author’s note: Despite expecting some sort of improvement, the extent of her response surprised us. Over time we’ve seen other equally impressive results, although usually it takes more than one session. The client needed more sessions to produce sustained progress, but the amount of change in one session was remarkable – and gave an indication of what was possible).

With the results we saw with this client and others during our six-week trial, we committed to invest in the technology. Consistent results are, after all, the only thing that counts with pain.

We refined how to combine the treatments with our other neurofeedback tools and have seen our clients improve to an extent that astounded us. Frankly, after more than a decade of searching for a new biofeedback technology to complement or enhance the benefits of our neurofeedback technology, body biofeedback revolutionized how the Center for Brain Training treats chronic pain.

We can’t say how long it will take for any given individual to see results, or even guarantee that you’ll get results at all, but since we’ve started offering body biofeedback, at least 75 percent of our clients have reported consistent improvement, and even more improvement when combined with neurofeedback. In complicated chronic cases, pain reduction often occurs in as little as one session but more commonly in six sessions.

Here are two more of client stories:

A client had been plagued by chronic back pain since the age of 16. She tried many solutions, eventually seeking help from a pain doctor and becoming addicted to pain medication.   She was confined to her bed and couch three to four days a week and struggled to get anything done. After four body biofeedback sessions over the course of a month, she reported an 80% reduction in pain and a significant reduction in pain medications. After two more sessions she discontinued her pain medications and resumed normal life, including working in her yard. One year later she was still pain- and pain medication-free.


A woman had 40 years of chronic headaches, neck and back pain she attributed to a car accident at age 19. She had seen more than 50 healthcare specialists, including neurologists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists, without any relief. After four sessions she reported significantly reduced pain, and after a month she had had no headaches and reported a 75% reduction of her pain.

What is Body Biofeedback?

Body biofeedback has its roots in acupuncture. It’s a body balancing method that uses modern biofeedback technology. A computerized machine reads the electrical impulses (frequencies) being emitted by the cells in your body. It filters out the disharmonic “unhealthy” vibrations that interfere with optimal cell communication (and thus interfere with their optimal functioning), amplifies the “healthy” harmonic frequencies, and sends them back to the cells. These harmonic frequencies “invigorate” the cells and encourage them to function the way they are supposed to.

Once the cells are doing their jobs better, the nervous system calms down and pain signals, which have become magnified over time, diminish. All you have to do is recline on a comfortable chair or table in one of our pleasantly decorated treatment rooms and relax. Our computer does the rest. You feel nothing during your treatment.

By combining body biofeedback with neurofeedback, the results in pain reduction astounded even us. Neurofeedback helps pain but it’s not enough. Pain is tough. We spent more than a decade searching for a technology to enhance neurofeedback. Body biofeedback revolutionized how the Center for Brain Training treats chronic pain.

Why You Might Not Have Heard of Body Biofeedback from Your Doctor

Because body biofeedback is a non-drug treatment for pain, many doctors and other health professionals are unaware of the technology and its effectiveness. In the United States, our health culture is centered on drugs. Therefore, other approaches, even though they are effective, are often overlooked because they lack large promotional budgets such as those of pharmaceutical companies.

Important things to know about us before turning to the Center for Brain Training for help:

  • We see you as a person in distress, not a “patient” or a “case.”
  • We believe you when you say you’re hurting.
  • We listen to you. With care and compassion. Without judgment.
  • We ask a lot of questions to get to know who you are and what makes your problem unique.
  • In addition to body biofeedback, we have an array of other specialized tools designed to help re-program your out-of-whack electrical signals that are at the root of chronic pain.
  • We take a holistic approach to your healing by offering complementary modalities, such as nutrition and counseling, available from our team of highly credentialed specialists.

You have nothing to lose but your pain by contacting the Center for Brain Training to learn more about chronic pain treatments at (561) 744-7616 (phone or text).

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