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The Brain Light Helmet

Introducing Two Brain Light Helmets by Vielight for Better Brain Health
(LED Brain Stimulation)

A great way to improve mental acuity, mental co-ordination and brain efficiency.

Use just 20 minutes up to six times per week Money-back guarantee

These helmets’ light frequencies have been carefully chosen, based on extensive brain and light research, to biologically impact the way your brain is functioning. These specific frequencies have been shown to boost brain activity and cognitive function over time. You might also discover you have a lot more energy.

OK. We know the nose clip looks weird (and the rest of it isn’t exactly an art form), but it’s there for a good reason: Your nasal passage is the closest and most effective route for light to hit the pre-frontal lobe where executive function resides. The other parts of the helmet target other key brain areas.

Which machine is right for you?

The Alpha Brain Light Helmet is for people who:

  • Want to improve and “brighten” their brains
  • Want to increase cerebral blood flow, brain metabolism & brain efficiency
  • Need some stress reduction and increased sense of calm
  • Seek to improve mental co-ordination
  • Value convenience and consistency


The Gamma Brain Light Helmet is for increasing:

  • Focus and memory
  • Cerebral blood flow, brain metabolism & brain efficiency
  • Attention & learning
  • Brain performance
  • Value convenience and consistency


Before I started using the Vielight (brain light helmet) I had a lot of issues. My memory was failing. I had word retrieval problems. I found it very difficult to use the computer. I could barely do chores around my house due to lack of energy. Low energy also prevented me from leaving home, and I had lost confidence in my ability to safely drive.

After only one session with the helmet I noticed more energy. Over time, using it daily, I felt so much better that I started driving again and was able to start doing a variety of exercise programs at a senior center. Better energy enabled me to get much more done around the house, too. My word retrieval and memory problems improved, as did my ability to use the computer. The Vielight saved me. It gave me back my life. I am so grateful to Mike Cohen and his wife Carolyn at Center for Brain for making this possible. I am totally inspired by their work.

–Meade Telfair, Lake Worth, FL

More about the brain light machines…

How do they work?
Brain light machines utilize the power of light to bring about comprehensive brain stimulation, improving brain efficiency and performance.

Did you know that there are certain light frequencies and intensities that will stimulate blood flow in your brain? These brain light machines were carefully-engineered with that principle in mind.

They are also designed to target the default node network, an area in the brain that research has determined to be linked with cognitive function. It was a brilliant insight to add the nasal light component. Stimulating that area of the prefrontal cortex is a critical spot for keeping sharp and is very difficult to reach with any other technology.

These machines allow specific light frequencies to be directed precisely at the right parts of the brain through your translucent skull.

Each light delivers the ideal frequency range for its intended purpose, penetrating deepest into tissues of the central nervous system. This process is called photobiomodulation (PBM).

The Neuro Alpha Brain Light machine
The Neuro Alpha machine is designed to enhance general mental acuity. It emits 10Hz of 810 nm waves known as alpha waves. Users report a noticeable calming effect as well as feeling mentally sharper, having more energy and getting more things done.

The Neuro Gamma Brain Light machine
The Neuro Gamma machine emits 40Hz of 810 nm waves called gamma waves. Gamma waves are more active when people are attentive, focused and learning.

Gamma waves can have impact on brain health at any stage.

How much do they cost?
Both models sell for $1,799, plus shipping and handling. Click here to order.

MikeWhy I recommend (and love) these Brain Light Machines

I have spent more than 20 years developing expertise in neurotechnology. In the process I have looked at many tools for the brain. I’m very picky about what I’ll support. The science has to make sense. Any product I sell needs to produce consistent, observable benefits to a broad range of clients.

Both of the brain light machines we’re offering do that.

I got excited about these machines after talking to colleagues who have also used them on their clients. Both they and I have seen remarkable clinical results – with no downside.

When I used the an earlier version of a brain light machine on my mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease, her ability to express herself verbally improved appreciably after just two sessions. A colleague’s client, who had had eight concussions, reported significantly enhanced thinking ability in a mere month. I’m using an Alpha Brain Light machine on myself and find that it helps me get more work done.

I love these devices because (1) they work (2) there are two models to choose from to accommodate different needs and (3) they are expertly engineered to deliver exactly the right amount of light and power to the brain every time.

Taking all of this into consideration, I consider these Brain Light machines by VieLight to be real winners.

Director, Center for Brain

Benefits of Certain Light Frequencies

In recent years researchers have been investigating the benefits of shining certain light frequencies on key parts of the body and brain. Their preliminary findings have been called nothing short of remarkable. Click here to read about some of those findings in an article in Seeker.

Why buy your Brain Light machine from Center for Brain?

  • If you’re local we’ll let you “try before you buy” in our office. If not, we’ll talk to you on the phone about it before you buy to answer all your questions.
  • After you’ve made your purchase we will spend up to 30 minutes familiarizing you with the “ins and outs” of your new machine and helping you configure it for your particular situation.  The beauty of these devices is that they can be customized to more precisely target your particular brain needs.
  • We include a special ultrasonic sterilizer for the nose clip at no extra charge. It’s something everyone should have.
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