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At the Center for Brain Training we’ve helped countless children and adults of all ages take control of chronic conditions like anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD, poor sleep, depression and more—without medication or with reduced reliance on medication.

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Neurofeedback and Beyond… We support your healing journey with in-person neurofeedback services, home training options, and other cutting-edge resources for your brain.

We offer multiple neurofeedback and biofeedback options, including body biofeedback, photobiomodulation, audio-visual entrainment (AVE), cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF).

We investigate not just your symptoms but possible contributing factors affecting your mental, cognitive and neurological health. These may include poor sleep quality; the health of your microbiome and mitochondria; your diet and nutrition; and environmental elements such as toxins, mold, and man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) like WiFi. We formulate ways to tackle identified factors that may be outside the realm of conventional medicine.

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How does Neurofeedback work?

Neurofeedback uses a special instrument that measures your brain activity.

Using this information the equipment gently guides your brain to make more or less of certain brain patterns. With practice, these changes help you feel better, function better, and manage life’s challenges better.

What is neurofeedback? Watch this 4-minute video to learn how you do it, what it helps and how it’s different from other options.

Illustation of a human brain

What is Brain Mapping?

Brain mapping is a sophisticated tool that reveals what’s really going on inside your brain.

The brain map, often referred to as a qEEG, is one of the most vital diagnostic tools available in the field of neurofeedback for use with people who have brain-based conditions. Click here to learn more.

How Neurofeedback Has Helped Some of Our Clients

Below are case examples from real clients whose stories will give you a better idea of what is possible when you train your brain.

Click here to read more client stories

Why hasn’t your doctor told you about neurofeedback?

Most physicians and healthcare professionals are unfamiliar with neurofeedback technology and its many applications. This is partly because there’s no large industry, such as the pharmaceutical industry, that benefits from educating physicians about it. At the Center for Brain Training, we’ve been studying and working with neurofeedback technology for more than two decades and know exactly how to use it to help people with a variety of brain-based conditions.

How can brain training work when other approaches have failed?

It comes down to the brain’s amazing capacity to change itself—a process known as neuroplasticity. We used to believe that brain development mostly stopped in the mid-20s and changed little after that. We now know this simply isn’t true. Unlike medications, which artificially force the brain to operate differently but don’t fix the problem, neurofeedback teaches the brain to calm and change itself, and those changes are often permanent.

Can you do neurofeedback at home?

Yes. Neurofeedback at home has been growing recently in popularity. It might make sense to rent or own a unit if there are no trained neurofeedback providers nearby, your schedule makes it difficult to complete regular or frequent in-office visits, your situation requires a large number of sessions, you have a health condition preventing you from being in an office setting or several family members need to train. Click here to learn more.

Click here for more FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) about neurofeedback.

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Mike Cohen

Michael P. Cohen – Director, Center for Brain Training Michael Cohen has specialized in applied psychophysiology and EEG biofeedback since 1996 and in qEEG brain mapping since 2001. Throughout his career Mike has created and taught both beginner and advanced neurofeedback courses to more than 2,500 physicians, psychologists and therapists in North America and around the world. Read more about Mike.

Book Cover: Neurofeedback 101: Rewiring the Brain for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and Beyond (without medication) by Michael P. Cohen

Amazon bestselling book
Neurofeedback 101: Rewiring the Brain for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and Beyond (without medication) by Michael P. Cohen. Purchase on Amazon.com

Neurofeedback Courses for Professionals
The Center for Brain Training offers comprehensive professional courses in neurofeedback for beginners and advanced practioners. Click here to learn more.

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