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Case Example: Autistic Youngster Becomes Himself

Neurofeedback and Family Determination Help Autistic Youngster Become Himself

Geri made up her mind early on that her son Joey would be treated like every other child. Yes, he was autistic, but he had to learn to live in the “real world,” and she was going to make sure he knew how. Thanks to a lot of love,

Saying Good-Bye to Panic & Overthinking – How One Young Man Went from Stuck in his Bedroom to Living a Full Life

Robert* suffered with anxiety and depression as a child and teenager. He was troubled by negative thoughts and overthinking. He had difficulty expressing what he was experiencing, and his doctors and therapists offered no concrete help other than medication and talk therapy.

By the time Robert had entered his second year of college,

Girl’s Grades (and Confidence) Skyrocket After Neurofeedback Training

Twelve-year-old Josie* sits at the desk in her bedroom studying her new vocabulary words for a spelling test the next morning. After a half hour she decides she’s “got it” and moves on to the rest of her homework. The next day in class she grins from ear-to-ear when she sees that she’s earned a “B” on her test.

Neurofeedback a “Total Success” for Internal Medicine Doc with Anxiety/Panic/Depression/Fatigue/Sleep Issues

There were times when Dr. Katie M.* wondered how she was going to make it to the end of her work day. A 71-year-old internist with a busy practice in a major Northeast city, she started out her day exhausted, anxious, panicked, and depressed. And it only got worse.

Today, she says she’s a “different person,” thanks in large part to the services she received at the Center for Brain Training.

Eight-Year-Old with Asperger’s Syndrome Dramatically Improves Social Skills with Neurofeedback (A mother’s story)

My 8-year-old daughter had experienced a high degree of anxiety that did not allow her to interact with other children very well. She could not let anybody else control the situation or let somebody else be the leader in a game. She was very rigid in all social situations. After 20 neurofeedback sessions, she is learning to let go of the control of a situation.

6-Year-Old Autistic Boy “Joins” Family Life After Being Uninvolved for Years

Before my six-year-old son began (EEG) biofeedback I would describe him as a little boy encased within an opaque bubble. He would ride in a car for 21 hours and never ask if we were there yet, or ask to get out of the car for any other reason unless he was hungry or had to use the restroom.

Nine-Year-Old Boy’s Attention, Grades and Shyness Improve Dramatically after 20 Neurofeedback Sessions

John, age 9, was painfully shy. He was very quick to get upset and cry. He also had difficulty with attention and struggled with reading and writing. He was not doing well in school. His mom was very concerned.

The Center for Brain Training recorded an EEG brain map, which identified two key brain patterns: Excessive theta waves which correlate to an inattention problem and a lack of connectivity between the left central and parietal areas of the brain.

Anxiety and Panic Go Away for 35-Year-Old Mom after 12 Neurofeedback Sessions (Meds Cut in Half)

Elizabeth, age 35, mother of an active two year old, had had problems with anxiety since the age of 17. She came to the Center for Brain Training suffering from anxiety and up to five panic attacks a day. She said they were “taking over” her life. She was also suffering from mild depression and was on an antidepressant.

Man Says Neurofeedback Gave Him his Life Back

There are two days in Dennis Riordon’s memory that changed his world forever. The first occurred in 2008 when the man he had been evaporated on an operating table during a routine procedure. The second was in January of 2017 when he made his way to the Center for Brain Training and regained his dignity and his life.

Out-of-Control Teen Boy Changes “Dramatically” after doing Neurofeedback and Taking Brain-Boosting Supplements

(as told by his father)

When “Bradley” was an infant he suffered brain damage after going into a diabetic coma in his crib. By the time we discovered him, he had turned blue and was barely breathing.

As he grew up, it was obvious early on that he wasn’t a normal child.

Anxious Teen Boy Avoids Meds by Doing Neurofeedback

Sixteen-year-old Greg had been anxious most of his life, but he got worse by the time he entered high school. Even after transferring from a large public school to a small private one, Greg made excuses not to go, saying he was too anxious and was having panic attacks. He begged his mother Lori to home-school him.

11-Year-Old Boy with Serious Sleep, Behavior and Attention Issues Significantly Improves with Neurofeedback

Philip came into the world with several strikes against him. His birth mother abused drugs while pregnant, and she lost parental rights not long after he was born. Mindy and her husband adopted him when he was 10 months old. He was a very “hyper” baby, but Mindy figured he was just energetic. However, when [...]

“Out of control” four-year old improves significantly after six months of at-home neurofeedback

Four-year-old “David” was out of control. The youngest of four children, he was constantly seeking negative attention at home. He’d jump on and try to harm his siblings, screamed around the house and wouldn’t sit still.

“He was constantly seeking negative attention,” his mother “Talia” said. “Dealing with him was taking up all my energy.”

School wasn’t any better.

Help for Son with Outbursts

After eight sessions my son was less prone to anger and emotional outbursts, more communicative and calmer. He now spends his free time working on cars (and not watching video games). He and I have more of a normal father-son relationship. I’m amazed by the power of Bradley’s neurofeedback training. It’s been incredible, a miracle.

Woman “Feels Like Herself” Again After Turning to the Center for Brain Training for Help for Sleep and Anxiety

Forty-two-year-old “Allison” was worried that she was about to lose her mind (or at least it felt that way). Stress ran unshackled throughout her body and brain, and she was unable to put on the brakes.

Allison was simply overwhelmed with life’s demands: She was running a business, renovating a new home for her family’s move from Miami to Jupiter,

Tinnitus, Anxiety, Panic, Depression Improve with BioReg and EMF Reduction

Suddenly, and without warning, 34-year “Antonia*” started experiencing ringing in her ears (tinnitus). At the same time, she was hit with severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression and disrupted sleep (she could go to sleep but not stay asleep). Antonia was so incapacitated she could barely care for her family. Doctors couldn’t help, and she was [...]

Neurofeedback Gave Woman Two-Year Relief from Daily, Devastating Seizures

Sarah* was fascinated with the brain from the time she was a little girl. She remembers asking her father to buy her a set of headphones and a computer game she heard about where she could move digital boxes around on the screen by using her mind. “It was exciting to me that what I was doing was more than a game,” she recalled.

Less Meds for Boy with ADHD Lets Mom Enjoy “The Real” Him

Eleven-year-old Oliver is still a “smarty pants,” says his mom Lorena with a smile, but the tornado he used to impersonate is long gone. Diagnosed several years ago with ADHD, he remains very active but isn’t “over the top” anymore when it comes to being distracted – and exasperating.

No longer hearing complaints from school about her son,

Can I Ever Get Off Medication for my Anxiety (or Depression)?

One of the most frequent questions I hear from people seeking help for anxiety or depression is: Can I ever get off my medication? Download and share a PDF version Some have tried stopping medications and struggled badly. Often they’re resigned to taking drugs, even though those drugs may not work very well or may [...]

Struggling 8th Grader Matures, Makes Honor Roll in Five Months

“Anika” was exhausted. Every night she spent two hours sitting at a table with her son, 14-year-old “Sai,” reading and explaining his homework assignments to him.

Clean clothes piled up, unfolded, on the laundry room table. Dirty dishes from dinner sat in the sink unwashed. (She just had to stop looking). And by the time Anika made it to the gym,

Every Day a Joy for Man Freed from Crippling Anxiety

“My skin was crawling. I was sick to my stomach all the time and my whole body felt like it was shocking me.”

That’s how “Aaron*” described the debilitating and tortuous months when he was so engulfed by the flames of sudden-onset anxiety that he couldn’t sleep, stopped eating, and shut out everything and everyone he cared about.

From Anger to Peace – How One Teen Turned His Life Around with Neurofeedback

“Christine” and her husband were at their wit’s end with their 17-year old son “Alex”.

Despite having a high I.Q. he was failing in school. He couldn’t make friends. He was uncooperative at home and would explode in anger without provocation. His room was a mess. He was addicted to video games. He argued violently with his parents whenever they asked him to do something.

After Decades of Disability from a Train Wreck, Woman Finally Living a Normal Life

On almost any given day you can watch Sandra Waldron joyfully sweeping her grandkids into her arms, bargain-hunting with her daughter at the mall, checking out specials in the grocery store or preparing elaborate meals and baked goods for her friends and family.

In fact, to see her today you’d never suspect that for most of her adult life she endured physical agony so extreme that she couldn’t do any of those ordinary activities.

How Neurofeedback and Body Biofeedback Gave Attorney the Biggest “Pain and Suffering” Victory of her Life

“Nora”* wasn’t much fun to be around for her husband and children. A high-powered personal injury attorney, she never stopped thinking about work, even on the weekends when she should have been relaxing and enjoying her family.

“I was worrying all the time and couldn’t get calm enough to be present for my family,” she said.

Tick Bite, Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease: How Neurofeedback Helped One Woman Regain Her Life

Willow Rossi went into occupational therapy because she wanted to help children. Ironically, pursuing her passion thrust her into a nightmarish decade where no matter what she did, she wasn’t able to help herself.

Her life ravaged by fatigue and chronic pain, Willow finally experienced relief – and the chance for a more normal life – after finding her way to the Center for Brain Training.

Migraine-Free after 30 Years – and Living Life without Worry

For 30 years Helen Kaufman lived in fear of migraine headaches and their potential to strike at any time…but not anymore. Ask Helen how often she worries about getting a migraine headache and she’ll tell you: hardly ever.

After undergoing neurofeedback training at the Center for Brain Training, she’s nearly migraine-free.


Significant improvement with 6 weeks of neurofeedback 9 years after woman’s brain injury

April had suffered debilitating symptoms for over nine years since an illness left her with a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). After just six weeks of neurofeedback, she experienced significant improvement. This interview with April, her daughter, and Mike Cohen of Center for Brain explores the power neurofeedback can have in people’s lives,

Woman’s migraines reduce from 100 per year to single digits after neurofeedback

Amy suffered from migraine headaches since she was 6. When she came to Center for Brain she was having more than 100 a year. After doing neurofeedback, the number and intensity of her migraines was significantly reduced. She was interviewed by Mike Cohen of Center for Brain.

Click here if you’re like to read a transcript of the audio.

Woman who Took Meds for 15 Years Now Drug-Free in a Matter of Months after Neurofeedback

Jane* is still surprised when she hears the comments from friends: What happened to you? You’re so outgoing....so full of personality. You’re a different person! And she blushes just a bit when her happy husband Bud remarks with a grin: “You’re so much more…amorous.” He says he loves the fact that for the first time [...]

Immense Life Change for College Student with OCD and Anxiety

Life for 20-year-old Manuel became nearly unbearable once he went off to college and was on his own. Mounting obsessive-compulsive disorder made completing even the simplest tasks–like doing laundry or eating a meal in the school’s dining hall–a drawn-out ordeal. His problems were compounded when he developed scrupulosity (an obsession about being immoral and displeasing [...]

Overcoming Anxiety and Frequent Panic Attacks

As Nicole* readied herself for work as an R.N. in an intensive care unit, her stomach knotted up like a pretzel. For most, it was just another day on the job. Not for Nicole. Nicole, 27, had worked for several grueling years as a waitress in order to put herself through nursing school to achieve [...]

After Four-Plus Years of Silence, Autistic Boy Doing Neurofeedback Starts Speaking

“Hey, buddy. I know you’re getting tired, but hang in there a few more minutes,” suggested Chuck*. “You’re almost done with your homework. Let’s finish it and then take a break, OK?” “I don’t want to!” countered seven-year-old Curtis* in no uncertain terms. For most parents, this interaction would have been an opportunity for a [...]

Life Changes Drastically for Girl after “Reversed Wiring” Identified and Addressed with Neurofeedback

Suzanne* was in the kitchen making a salad when nine-year-old Riley* came up to her from behind and gave her a big hug. Earlier that day the two had been at the mall, and Riley had reached out to hold her mother’s hand while they shopped. “Simple things like that are so sweet and so [...]

Social Challenges/Meltdowns Improve for Autistic Boy after Neurofeedback Training

The clock on Marina’s* desk became the enemy. Every weekday as it got closer and closer to 1 p.m., she began to tense up. “Please don’t ring,” she prayed as she glanced at her phone and braced herself. Predictably, right around 1 p.m., her prayer went unanswered and the phone rang. It was the school [...]

Woman Says “Good-Bye” to Hot Flashes in Just One Month

Patricia*, 52, was having disruptive hot flashes several times a day. Of course they were embarrassing and inconvenient, but that wasn’t the only issue. As a psychotherapist she worried that a vulnerable client might be in the process of sharing a traumatic memory and would be confused to see her wiping her brow and having [...]

From Failure to Fantastic, Neurofeedback Helped College Student Soar Academically

Twenty-one-year-old Damon* had always struggled academically. It took a lot of work to make B’s and C’s in high school, but that kind of hard work in college wasn’t paying off. He earned a mere 1.5 GPA in his first semester at a prestigious college in the Southeast, and improved little in his second semester. [...]

Woman’s Hot Flashes Disappear in Under Three Weeks (and Three Sessions) of Neurofeedback

Mollie* couldn’t get through one day of work, or one night of sleep, without being tormented by severe hot flashes – more than 30 a day. Jackets and towels were her constant companions at work. One moment she would be freezing and needed to don her jacket. The next moment she had to peel off [...]

Wrong ADD Diagnosis as a Boy, Man Finds Hope and New Life in Three Months

Twenty-five-year old “Jeremy” spent most of the first 24 years of his life thinking he was stupid or, at the very least, had a severe case of attention deficit disorder (ADD). From the earliest days, school was a nightmare. He was held back to repeat kindergarten. He was diagnosed with ADD and put on Ritalin [...]