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Bill’s Journey: A Devastating Stroke, Despair, and Remarkable Turnaround with Neurofeedback

He and his wife Donna* had co-founded a thriving Christian church 46 years earlier that he still presided over as a pastor who passionately led his flock with eloquent sermons and serene guided prayer services. Now, however, he had suffered a stroke (his second in five years), and “I’m no dummy” was the only lucid sentence that came out of his mouth. Everything else was an incoherent jumble of words and phrases.

Beyond Medicine: Alec’s Unconventional Path to Healing from Long COVID

When Alec* came down with COVID while away on vacation, he became deathly ill. Body pains, excruciating headaches, extreme lethargy, brain fog, and a brutal cough all knocked him flat on his back. A week later, however, he was on the mend and went on about his life. Fast forward 10 weeks. Out of the blue he got hit with an array of symptoms—no energy, brain fog, difficulty getting out of bed, dizziness, and more. It was eventually diagnosed by a doctor as long COVID.

Woman’s Hot Flashes Disappear in Under Three Weeks (and Three Sessions) of Neurofeedback

Mollie* couldn’t get through one day of work, or one night of sleep, without being tormented by severe hot flashes – more than 30 a day. “This situation was so frustrating,” Mollie said. “Constant hot flashes made it impossible to have a normal life. Plus, being sleep deprived, I was exhausted all the time.”

Woman Says “Good-Bye” to Hot Flashes in Just One Month

Patricia*, 52, was having disruptive hot flashes several times a day. “The hot flashes would last for 45 minutes to an hour, and I’d have to get up and shower and try to get back to sleep. The lack of sleep was affecting how I felt during the day, and I worried that it might impact my ability to help clients.”

From Chronic Pain to Relief Man Thought Would Never Come


Matt endured nearly a decade of excruciating chronic pain due to a deteriorating and herniated back, a pinched nerve in his shoulder, and eventually, a numbing sensation in his left leg. His condition left him struggling to walk and support his family, despite trying countless remedies. However, after undergoing weekly bioregulation therapy sessions at the Center for Brain Training,

How Neurofeedback Helped Liam Emerge from “His Own World”

Liam* was 15 months old when his mother’s worries came to a head. Although his motor skills were developing normally, Sandy* knew in her gut that something just wasn’t right.

He didn’t respond to his name. He would stare at a toy but not play with it. He would gaze for long periods at a light.

How Biofeedback and the Vielight Helped Equestrian Get Back in the Saddle

Alexis M has suffered three concussions from falling off a horse. It’s an occupational hazard for this passionate equestrian, who accepts the risks but has never accepted being told there was nothing that could be done about the symptom aftermath.

When she had her first concussion in 2017, Alexis went the conventional medicine route.

Remarkable Turnaround for 11-Year-Old Boy Switched from Meds to a Supplement

Connie suspected that something wasn’t right with her grandson Blake*, who had tics from the time he was a young child. By the time he was four, behavior problems began surfacing, leading to suspensions in pre-school and again in kindergarten. Medications didn’t help.

Veteran Finds Relief from PTSD with the Help of Neurofeedback

A woman who had been a nurse in humid Vietnam during the war experienced a major traumatic event that occurred on damp ground. When she returned to the U.S, she settled in Clemson, South Carolina where it rained a lot. Periodically, the smell of damp earth would re-trigger her trauma. She had significant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Home Training Significantly—and Conveniently—Helps Trauma-Plagued Businessman

Gary* went through most of his adult life feeling that something wasn’t right but didn’t know why.

There was always an undercurrent of anxiety running through his mind, stress in his body, and a sense of doom that struck the minute he awoke and got out of bed. He functioned well as the owner of a successful business but knew his mental state was holding him back and interfering with his ability to enjoy life.

From “Out of Control” to Success at Home and School with Home Neurofeedback Training

Julia expected parenting to be a challenge, but she wasn’t prepared for what she found herself facing with her little boy, Miguel. Miguel barely slept as an infant and didn’t improve as he got older. He threw frequent tantrums, recoiled when anyone tried to touch him and eventually became a danger to himself and others with his out-of-control behavior.

Motivated 26-Year-Old Man Ramps Up Progress with Home Neurofeedback Training

For most of his life Tyler* was plagued by physical and mental challenges including fatigue, attention deficit, disorganization, poor memory, rumination, depression, and anxiety.

At age 12 he was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Adderall. He took it for five years until finally saying, no more. Besides not helping him with his issues,

Severely Detached Boy Becomes Son Mom “Always Wanted”

By the time Leon* was four his mother Teresa* knew something was amiss. He barely spoke. He didn’t seem to understand what he was being told. He daydreamed constantly, kept to himself, paid no attention to his surroundings, and took no interest in others. Year after year he remained disengaged from the world. Diagnosed with [...]

30 Years of Migraines

A retired chiropractor “Jeff” (a friend of Michael Cohen, the director) had suffered from migraines for 30 years. One evening he got a severe migraine and called Mike at 10:30 p.m. in excruciating pain. He was considering going to the hospital. He reported when this level of migraine occurred, there was no way to stop it for many hours.

25 Years of Migraines

Alex, a 50-year-old man, struggled for 25 years with migraines and OCD. The migraines were often crippling and contributed to a feeling of constantly being tired and very unproductive.  

He was unconvinced that neurofeedback could help him because the results were not instant.  After doing neurofeedback for several sessions, he became resistant and wanted to quit.

Autistic Youngster Becomes Himself with Neurofeedback and Family Determination

Geri made up her mind early on that her son Joey would be treated like every other child. Yes, he was autistic, but he had to learn to live in the “real world,” and she was going to make sure he knew how. Thanks to a lot of love, effort and two years of neurofeedback,

Saying Good-Bye to Panic & Overthinking – How One Young Man Went from Stuck in his Bedroom to Living a Full Life

Robert suffered anxiety and depression growing up. He was plagued by negative thoughts, overthinking and panic attacks. He had trouble expressing how he was feeling, and his doctor couldn’t offer any concrete help other than medication.

His doctor deemed his problem “anxiety” and wanted to put him on medication for it. He tried several medications,

Girl’s Grades (and Confidence) Skyrocket After Neurofeedback Training

“If it weren’t for the Center for Brain Training, Josie wouldn’t be where she is today, because we aren’t doing anything else with her other than brain training,” said her mother.

Josie had struggled in school since kindergarten, and it just got worse over the years as Josie was socially promoted from grade-to-grade.

Neurofeedback a “Total Success” for Internal Medicine Doc with Anxiety/Panic/Depression/Fatigue/Sleep Issues

There were times when Dr. Katie M.* wondered how she was going to make it to the end of her work day. A 71-year-old internist with a busy practice in a major Northeast city, she started out her day exhausted, anxious, panicked, and depressed. And it only got worse.

Today, she says she’s a “different person,” thanks in large part to the services she received at the Center for Brain Training.

Eight-Year-Old with Asperger’s Syndrome Dramatically Improves Social Skills with Neurofeedback (A mother’s story)

My 8-year-old daughter had experienced a high degree of anxiety that did not allow her to interact with other children very well. She could not let anybody else control the situation or let somebody else be the leader in a game. She was very rigid in all social situations. After 20 neurofeedback sessions, she is learning to let go of the control of a situation.

6-Year-Old Autistic Boy “Joins” Family Life After Being Uninvolved for Years

Before my six-year-old son began (EEG) biofeedback I would describe him as a little boy encased within an opaque bubble. He would ride in a car for 21 hours and never ask if we were there yet, or ask to get out of the car for any other reason unless he was hungry or had to use the restroom.

Nine-Year-Old Boy’s Attention, Grades and Shyness Improve Dramatically after 20 Neurofeedback Sessions

John, age 9, was painfully shy. He was very quick to get upset and cry. He also had difficulty with attention and struggled with reading and writing. He was not doing well in school. His mom was very concerned.

The Center for Brain Training recorded an EEG brain map, which identified two key brain patterns: Excessive theta waves which correlate to an inattention problem and a lack of connectivity between the left central and parietal areas of the brain.

Anxiety and Panic Go Away for 35-Year-Old Mom after 12 Neurofeedback Sessions (Meds Cut in Half)

Elizabeth, age 35, mother of an active two year old, had had problems with anxiety since the age of 17. She came to the Center for Brain Training suffering from anxiety and up to five panic attacks a day. She said they were “taking over” her life. She was also suffering from mild depression and was on an antidepressant.

Man Says Neurofeedback Gave Him his Life Back

There are two days in Dennis Riordon’s memory that changed his world forever. The first occurred in 2008 when the man he had been evaporated on an operating table during a routine procedure. The second was in January of 2017 when he made his way to the Center for Brain Training and regained his dignity and his life.

Out-of-Control Teen Boy Changes “Dramatically” after doing Neurofeedback and Taking Brain-Boosting Supplements

(as told by his father)

I’m amazed by the power of Bradley’s neurofeedback training. It’s been incredible, a miracle. I want to tell my son’s story because I believe everyone should know what neurofeedback can do.

When “Bradley” was an infant he suffered brain damage after going into a diabetic coma in his crib.

Anxious Teen Boy Avoids Meds by Doing Neurofeedback

“Watching Greg return to his daily activities and hearing him say he feels so much calmer is a relief. He’s now able to focus on coping skills that keep him from spiraling into a panic attack.”

Sixteen-year-old Greg had been anxious most of his life, but he got worse by the time he entered high school.

11-Year-Old Boy with Serious Sleep, Behavior and Attention Issues Significantly Improves with Neurofeedback

Philip couldn’t sleep at night and would fall profoundly asleep in school. He took meds to go to sleep, meds to stay awake and meds for ADHD. He had severe meltdowns and trouble doing his homework. “I finally decided that I couldn’t have my child’s life dependent on medication – that this couldn’t be the [...]

“Out of control” four-year old improves significantly after six months of at-home neurofeedback

Four-year-old David was out of control, constantly seeking attention, causing disruption in the home and in danger of physically harming his siblings. Six months after doing regular neurofeedback training with an at-home system, he is calm at home, follows directions, plays nicely with his siblings, socializes with other children, and is a model child in pre-kindergarten.

Woman “Feels Like Herself” Again After Turning to the Center for Brain Training for Help for Sleep and Anxiety

Forty-two-year-old “Allison” was worried that she was about to lose her mind (or at least it felt that way). Stress ran unshackled throughout her body and brain, and she was unable to put on the brakes.

Allison was simply overwhelmed with life’s demands: She was running a business, renovating a new home for her family’s move from Miami to Jupiter,

Tinnitus, Anxiety, Panic, Depression Improve with BioReg and EMF Reduction

Antonia was plagued by ringing in her ears (tinnitus), severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression and disrupted sleep (she could go to sleep but not stay asleep). Five healthcare professionals couldn’t help. After doing seven sessions of body biofeedback and significantly reducing the EMF’s in her home by disconnecting all WiFi and Bluetooth, the ringing in [...]

Neurofeedback Gave Woman Nearly Two-Year Relief from Daily, Devastating Seizures

“My life became more manageable after doing neurofeedback at the Center for Brain Training. Computer games went from being just games to actually making my life better.”

Sarah was on track to earn a university degree in chemistry when she began having as many as 20 full or partial seizures a week and had to drop out of school.

Less Meds for Boy with ADHD Lets Mom Enjoy “The Real” Him

Eleven-year-old Oliver is still a “smarty pants,” says his mom Lorena with a smile, but the tornado he used to impersonate is long gone. Diagnosed several years ago with ADHD, he remains very active but isn’t “over the top” anymore when it comes to being distracted – and exasperating.

No longer hearing complaints from school about her son,

Struggling Eighth Grader Matures, Makes Honor Roll in Five Months

“Anika” was exhausted. Every night she spent two hours sitting at a table with her son, 14-year-old “Sai,” reading and explaining his homework assignments to him.

Clean clothes piled up, unfolded, on the laundry room table. Dirty dishes from dinner sat in the sink unwashed. (She just had to stop looking). And by the time Anika made it to the gym,

Every Day a Joy for Man Freed from Crippling Anxiety

“My skin was crawling. I was sick to my stomach all the time and my whole body felt like it was shocking me.”

That’s how “Aaron*” described the debilitating and tortuous months when he was so engulfed by the flames of sudden-onset anxiety that he couldn’t sleep, stopped eating, and shut out everything and everyone he cared about.

From Anger to Peace – How One Teen Turned His Life Around with Neurofeedback

“Neurofeedback worked for my son when nothing else did. I finally have hope for him, and he also has hope that life can get better. He is an entirely different person than he was a year ago.”

Christine’s son Alex was spiraling out of control. He was failing in school. He had no friends.

After Decades of Disability from a Train Wreck, Woman Finally Living a Normal Life


On almost any given day you can watch Sandra Waldron joyfully sweeping her grandkids into her arms, bargain-hunting with her daughter at the mall, checking out specials in the grocery store or preparing elaborate meals and baked goods for her friends and family.

In fact, to see her today you’d never suspect that for most of her adult life she endured physical agony so extreme that she couldn’t do any of those ordinary activities.

How Neurofeedback and Body Biofeedback Gave Attorney the Biggest “Pain and Suffering” Victory of her Life

“I tell everyone about neurofeedback. There are so many people who are hurting who have nowhere to turn. I want them to know about it because it really works. It helped me relax, stop having panic attacks, change my life and become a happier person.”

Nora, a high-powered personal injury attorney, never stopped thinking and worrying about work,

Tick Bite, Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease: How Neurofeedback Helped One Woman Regain Her Life

Willow Rossi went into occupational therapy because she wanted to help children. Ironically, pursuing her passion thrust her into a nightmarish decade where no matter what she did, she wasn’t able to help herself.

Her life ravaged by fatigue and chronic pain, Willow finally experienced relief – and the chance for a more normal life – after finding her way to the Center for Brain Training.

Migraine-Free after 30 Years – and Living Life without Worry

For 30 years Helen Kaufman lived in fear of migraine headaches and their potential to strike at any time…but not anymore. Ask Helen how often she worries about getting a migraine headache and she’ll tell you: hardly ever.

After undergoing neurofeedback training at the Center for Brain Training, she’s nearly migraine-free.


Significant improvement with 6 weeks of neurofeedback 9 years after woman’s brain injury

April had suffered debilitating symptoms for over nine years since an illness left her with a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). After just six weeks of neurofeedback, she experienced significant improvement. This interview with April, her daughter, and Mike Cohen of the Center for Brain Training explores the power neurofeedback can have in people’s lives,

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