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Are Our Services Covered by Insurance?

Can you pay for your services with insurance?

Unfortunately, the Center for Brain Training does not accept insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, and we request payment at the time of service.

However, some insurers do reimburse for our services, but reimbursement depends on your plan and whether it offers out-of-network coverage for behavioral health. If so, we encourage you to file a claim (we are an out-of-network facility). We’ll prepare the claim form for you, and you’ll need to handle follow-up with your insurance company. We suggest you inquire as to whether you are subject to a different deductible when using out-of-network benefits. We are available to make changes to the claim form when appropriate if your insurance company denies your claim or sends your claim back with questions.

We recommend you be persistent, since insurance companies seem to routinely deny many types of claims, with the expectation that people will give up. There are methods for appealing if the insurance company denies your claim. This link provides some information on that process.

If you have questions about how the Center for Brain Training can help you with your specific situation, don’t hesitate to call Carolyn Cohen at our office at 561-744-7616.


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