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Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Aidan’s Journey to Conquer Anxiety, Panic and Depression with Neurofeedback

Aidan suffered anxiety and depression growing up. He was plagued by negative thoughts, overthinking and panic attacks. He had trouble expressing how he was feeling, and his doctor couldn’t offer any concrete help other than medication. Read More

His doctor deemed his problem “anxiety” and wanted to put him on medication for it. He tried several medications, but they didn’t help.

When COVID-19 hit, his symptoms worsened. He withdrew from college and from life. He spent four months barely leaving his bedroom. The thought of going out of his room triggered panic attacks, some of which lasted as long as three hours. He felt agitated. He overthought “everything,” which in turn triggered more panic attacks.

Then Aidan learned about neurofeedback from a friend, whose mother made an appointment for him to visit the Center for Brain Training. He began training twice a week and did so for several months.

Improvements weren’t instantaneous but rather occurred over time. He noticed he was thinking less negatively and having fewer instances of panic. He gained enough confidence to not only leave his bedroom but to take a job out of state. At the time of the interview, Aidan was back in Florida, pursuing his career dream in the audio-visual field and having no problems with panic.

He occasionally comes by the Center for Brain Training for a “tune-up” session but hasn’t had a panic attack in over a year.

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Hayden’s Journey to Conquer ADHD with Neurofeedback

Hayden came to the Center for Brain Training with attention and focus issues.He had trouble sitting still in class and frequently stressed for four hours over homework assignments that should have taken a half hour to complete. Read More

His doctor prescribed conventional ADHD medication for him but there were side effects. He was eventually taking several medications, each for the purpose of mitigating the side effects of the other. In the end, the medications didn’t help much and, in fact, actually made his situation worse, including causing some fairly serious memory loss, and a hospitalization.

Hayden’s mother, Cathy, diligently searched for non-medication remedies. They tried various essential oils, psychotherapy, massage and even specialized teas. When she heard about neurofeedback and the Center for Brain Training on a Facebook group, she made an appointment there right away. She considered it a “last ditch effort.”

“If I had known about neurofeedback, I would have saved two years of my son’s life,” she explained.

Within a matter of a couple of weeks, she and Hayden noticed improvements. His homework was no longer taking four hours but instead took about 30 minutes. He was becoming more independent. His teachers reported improvement as well, and his grades went from B’s and C’s to straight A’s.

Click here to watch Hayden’s complete video.

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