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Neurofeedback TreatmentIntake and Assessment – Find out if neurofeedback training is right for you

Review with client goals, symptoms and history, to help create a brain (neurophysiological) profile. We include an initial EEG review and brain training session with the assessment. This helps us to look at the brain more carefully and make recommendations about a training program customized to each individual.

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EEG Brain MappingEEG Brain Mapping – Determining what treatment is best for your condition

For many clients, the Center For Brain Training will generate an EEG based brain report. The report can provide a detailed picture of brain activity and provide additional information about targeting training.

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South Florida Brain TrainingBrain Neurofeedback Training Sessions

Brain sessions include training with EEG biofeedback, and also a variety of other tools we’ve found effective at helping with self-regulation. We provide ongoing assessment and consultations with clients regarding progress. Our clients are very involved in the feedback process, and play an important role in helping guide the training process.

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Jupiter Florida Brain TrainingCNS Response Test – Finding the right medication for you

There’s a test that predicts which medication would work best for you based on your unique brain patterns. Many people go through several trials with medication in an effort to find the right one–sometimes they never do. Wouldn’t you like to know that you are on the best medication for your specific needs? This test was developed by a group of psychologists over 15 years based on EEG brain patterns.

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South Florida Brain TrainingA Comprehensive Strategy – We do more than just hook you up to exotic machines

We specialize in helping our clients look very carefully at any effective intervention for supporting their brain – and making sure that their problem has been fully identified. Many clients have never been told all the possible options –that’s not the way the system works. Health professionals have a specialty, but no one looks broadly at a variety of options based on the most current research or clinical experience. We help our clients identify any interventions that can help best tackle and support their brain.

As an example, we’ve seen clients who were told they by their doctor they didn’t have a thyroid problem, based on a simple thyroid test – without doing a more comprehensive thyroid assessment. Many clients and professionals are unaware of the research about essential fatty acids and the appropriate dosage used to support brain function. The research on this is excellent– for depression, to anxiety, to ADHD. However, it’s just not broadly known.

Brain Coaching. How do you learn to gain more self-control? Or to be more calm, to pay better attention, to be in a more consistent, better mood. We work closely with every client to help coach them – so they can get the most from training. Good coaching – helping clients be more aware of the skills they can learn to develop, helps speed up learning and clients achieve more quickly.

Home Training. For certain special situations, the Center can help provide training and support for a home training system.

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South Florida Brain TrainingOther Brain Regulation Options – We have a wide range of state-of-the-art tools at our disposal

Body Biofeedback (BioRegulation Therapy/BRT)
This is a very powerful tool that has helped change what we can do for clients. It helps the body become more in balance. When you engage both the brain and the body in biofeedback, often profound changes can occur.

CES/Oasis Pro session – A simple electronic tool that can be taken home to help with with sleep, reducing anxiety

Heart Rate Variability – There’s an impressive amount of literature on the use of increasing heart coherence and improving overall mental and cardiac health.

Light/sound session – Audio Visual entrainment is another simple tool that can be taken hom that helps the brain reach or sustain a state. It  has an impressive research base to illustrate it’s value for training.

Nutrition and Environment – Brain nutrition can be very important to functioning better over time. But even nutritionists often neglect brain specific issues related to nutrition and diet. We help you look carefully at nutrition and at environmental factors to see what else can help support or help your brain. There’s new research on the role of the gut and the brain and the role of inflammation on brain function.  We try to keep up with the practical elements of the newest findings to help guide our clients.


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