Neurofeedback therapy for ADHD

ADHD: Beyond Medication. Discover the Power of Neurofeedback Training.

Does Your Child Struggle with ADHD and Behavior Problems?

Neurofeedback is an innovative technology which harnesses the brain’s neuroplasticity – its ability to change itself – in order to bring about improvement in a variety of symptoms which can interfere with life satisfaction. This non-medicine approach trains the brain to function optimally, thus improving attention, mood, learning ability and more.

Focused ADHD child in a classroom. Neurofeedback therapy.

Having a child with attention issues, impulsivity, behavior problems and hyperactivity is difficult and stressful, not only for your child but also for the entire family.

You may be exhausted from:

  • Being hypervigilant about your child’s behavior
  • Searching for answers or ways to better understand your child
  • Trying to balance the attention needs of a child with ADHD with other siblings
  • Expending an excessive level of energy needed to keep up with your child
  • Watching your child struggle in school and socially
  • Tuning into your child’s moods

You may have seen doctors, specialists, and mental health professionals, read books, researched online and attended lectures searching for answers.

Could neurofeedback be the solution?

Surveys of health professionals using neurofeedback estimate that over 85% of their clients successfully learn to focus, regulate behavior, and decrease impulsivity when they train on a consistent schedule.

How does neurofeedback help attention?

In many instances, people with ADHD show a pattern of slow wave activity in the brain. Neurofeedback helps regulate, speed up and stabilize this activity. In the process it calms the person and, with repetition, changes the brain to remain there without medication.

Improvement occurs because there’s been an actual change in the brain (not just a change in behavior brought on from the temporary effect of medication). These changes tend to hold once the new patterns are firmly established. Just like riding a bike, once we learn a new pattern, we’re unlikely to forget it.

Improve Focus, Attention, and Emotional Regulation with Neurofeedback for ADHD.

What’s involved in the training?

Doing neurofeedback is similar to playing a video game, which is one reason kids generally enjoy doing it. The difference is that they move the game forward with their mind instead of a joystick. It’s that “brain power” activity that teaches their brain new, healthier patterns.

Is it ADD/ADHD or something else?

ADD/ADHD is often characterized by symptoms like inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. However, these symptoms can also be indicative of other conditions, such as learning disabilities or processing problems. This overlap can lead to misdiagnoses and inappropriate treatments.

Children and adults with a learning disability or processing disorder may exhibit disorganization, fidgeting, difficulty following instructions, or social problems. These symptoms are often erroneously blamed on ADD/ADHD. If it truly is ADD/ADHD, stimulant medications may significantly improve the symptoms. However, when medication fails, the problem could be that some type of processing or learning issue is involved.

Specialized brain mapping
Accurate diagnosis that goes beyond the typical diagnostic checklist can eliminate putting someone on medications unnecessarily. This is where our specialized brain mapping makes a difference, by identifying both attentional and processing markers in the brain. These markers help tell the story about what in the brain is driving your child’s problem.

If you want to know more about brain mapping, click here.

Concerned that you or your child might not actually have ADD/ADHD or wonder if there are underlying processing or learning issues? Book a consultation today.


A child with ADHD before and after neurofeedback

Play Video

This video was part of a national news show in Australia. It’s one of the best videos we’ve seen about neurofeedback. The psychologist interviewed is Moshe Perl, Ph.D. He has reported solid clinical success with neurofeedback and used it with hundreds of children and adults for more than 10 years. Learn how qEEG brain mapping can help identify if your child really has ADD.

Please note, the cost mentioned in this video is in Australian currency. Neurofeedback is an affordable, safe, and medication-free method of getting your child the help he or she needs.

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How Neurofeedback has helped some of our clients

Real clients stories to give you a better idea of what is possible when you train your brain.

Struggling 8th Grader Matures, Makes Honor Roll in Five Months
14-year-old Sai was making C’s and D’s. He had trouble understanding what he read. His vocabulary and maturity were that of someone two years younger. His parents had him evaluated by a psychologist who suspected something wasn’t right in the way the parts of his brain were communicating with one another. She recommended he try neurofeedback training at the Center for Brain Training. After five months of training, not only did he start doing homework without assistance, but he made the honor roll for the first time in his life.
Click here to read Sai’s story.

From Anger to Peace – How One Teen Turned His Life Around with Neurofeedback – “I could see a significant change in Alex’s eyes. They were clear and his mood was upbeat, not depressed. He also seemed to feel at peace.” Then other small changes occurred. Without being asked, he cleaned his room and closet and began keeping them tidy without prompting. He engaged more with the family and spent less time playing video games.
Christine – Mother of teen with ADD
Click here to read Alex’s story

ADHD Testimonials

Unless otherwise indicated, real names are not used in order to protect the privacy of clients.

“I regularly recommend the Center for Brain Training to other parents because neurofeedback has made such a huge impact on my child’s life. I’ve come to depend on everyone there because they help me attack whatever is going on at the moment. They are part of my support system. I am so thankful I found the center. I feel like they’re family.”

– West Palm Beach, Florida

After eight sessions my son was less prone to anger and emotional outbursts, more communicative and calmer. He now spends his free time working on cars (and not playing video games). He and I have more of a normal father-son relationship. I’m amazed by the power of Bradley’s neurofeedback training. It’s been incredible, a miracle.

– Lake Placid, Florida

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