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About Us

We’re seldom the first option folks seek when challenged by depression, anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, or some other troubling condition.

Way too many people are living with symptoms that could be greatly improved. At the Center for Brain Training, we are passionate about helping people feel better. We work with scientifically-based, cutting edge technology that few providers offer.

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Our other goals are to help clients perform better and lessen their reliance on medications. A key tool we use is neurofeedback. Neurofeedback helps improve brain performance. When the brain becomes more balanced and is able to function more efficiently and effectively, a variety of symptoms naturally diminish.

The Center for Brain is more than a business. It’s a team of compassionate professionals whose mission is to enhance the lives of people who suffer from conditions that can be significantly improved with the help of neurofeedback.

Before walking through our door in a last-ditch effort to get non-drug relief – and answers – our clients have frequently seen numerous healthcare professionals or therapists, used a variety of  medications, diets and nutritional supplements, and feel they’ve “tried everything.”

What Was the Personal Motivation Behind Starting the Center for Brain?

The Center for Brain was co-founded in 2006 by Michael Cohen.  In 1995, his father underwent neurofeedback in a desperate attempt to get a handle on years-long, severe depression after medications and even electroconvulsive (shock) therapy failed to bring him out of unrelenting despair. After a short course of neurofeedback, Mike’s father’s personality returned, and his mood improved to the extent that he re-joined the world.

This dramatic change in Mike’s father prompted Mike to co-found a neurofeedback center in Georgia.  He has become recognized as a leading expert in the field, teaching neurofeedback to physicians and healthcare professionals both in the United States and abroad.

In 2005, he and his wife Carolyn moved to Jupiter, Florida to be closer to Carolyn’s father in Boca Raton. The following year, he opened the Center for Brain Training in Jupiter.

We Are More than Neurofeedback

Besides brain mapping and neurofeedback, the Center for Brain provides a comprehensive program that offers up to 7 different types of neurofeedback, some innovative biofeedback tools including our “body biofeedback system” and other neurotechnologies. We customize our program to fit each individual. The type of services we include can be found under our Services page.  One very important service is brain mapping. Brain maps (also known as qEEG’s) measure the electrical activity from 19 points in the brain and specifically identify where timing issues are negatively impacting mood, behavior, or attention. Armed with this information, neurofeedback training can be targeted to the problem areas, resulting in better, and often, faster results. This information can also be used to suggest appropriate medications and reduce the process of trial and error in prescribing.

Your Unique Needs Are Important to Us — We Provide Customized Treatment

While much of what we do is high-tech, we at the Center for Brain never lose sight of the fact that we are dealing with people’s lives, their health, and their overall well-being.

We customize the program and recommendations for each client. Many of our clients are quite complex and have been everywhere. We give each individual a different way to think about how to tackle their issues and we explain it in depth.

We invite you to learn more.  You are welcome to call for an appointment.   If we don’t think what we do is right for your particular situation, we’ll tell you. If we think it is, we’ll tell you that too.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Important things to know about us before turning to Center for Brain for help:

  • We see you as a person in distress, not a “patient” or a “case.”
  • We believe you when you say you’re in pain or distress.
  • We listen to you. With care and compassion. Without judgment.
  • We ask a lot of questions to get to know who you are and what makes your problem unique.
  • We have an array of specialized tools designed to help re-program the functioning of your brain and body
  • We take a holistic approach to your healing by offering complementary modalities, such as nutrition and counseling, available from our team of highly-credentialed specialists.

Client Feedback

At Center For Brain Training we have helped countless clients feel better using neurofeedback to lessen their symptoms and improve the quality of their lives. We invite you to read some of their stories.

Elizabeth, age 35, mother of an active 2 year old, came in with anxiety, and up to 5 panic attacks a day. She said they “are taking over my life”. She had problems with anxiety since the age of 17. She was also suffering from mild depression and was on an antidepressant. She wanted to have another child and she wanted an alternative to medications to help resolve the anxiety before she got pregnant.
As she began treatment, she said that she had to talk herself in coming because she was so anxious. After 12 sessions, she no longer had the anxiety or panic attacks and had reduced her medication in half.

– Elizabeth, 35 year old, North Palm Beach, FL

Thank you for all your help and making me feel much better! You should take great pride in what you do for a living! Many people want to be in professions where they help people but often don’t feel that they actually succeed. You can know for certain that you succeed in helping people and make the world a better place …

– E.K., Palm Beach, Florida