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How a Brain Scan Helped One Couple Succeed in Marriage Therapy

Brain mapping technology is better than it’s ever been and is something we use frequently at the Center for Brain Training.
The information we get from a brain map helps us three ways:

  1. We can identify your brain’s trouble spots.
  2. It gives us a better idea of why you’re having the issues you do.
  3. It allows us to better target your neurofeedback training.
    The renowned Amen Clinic uses brain mapping to better diagnose and treat brain-based problems.

In one case of a couple failing miserably in marriage counseling, a brain scan revealed that the husband’s brain had been badly impacted by toxic chemicals he was exposed to in the furniture factory where he worked. This damage kept him from benefitting from the counseling, bringing the couple to the brink of divorce.

Treatment at the clinic allowed his brain to heal, resulting in his ability to respond to the marriage counseling. The couple found themselves on much better terms and took divorce off the table.

You can read the full story here of how a brain scan helped this couple’s psychotherapy work faster.

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