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Bill’s Journey: A Devastating Stroke, Despair, and Remarkable Turnaround with Neurofeedback

He and his wife Donna* had co-founded a thriving Christian church 46 years earlier that he still presided over as a pastor who passionately led his flock with eloquent sermons and serene guided prayer services. Now, however, he had suffered a stroke (his second in five years), and “I’m no dummy” was the only lucid sentence that came out of his mouth. Everything else was an incoherent jumble of words and phrases.

Beyond Medicine: Alec’s Unconventional Path to Healing from Long COVID

When Alec* came down with COVID while away on vacation, he became deathly ill. Body pains, excruciating headaches, extreme lethargy, brain fog, and a brutal cough all knocked him flat on his back. A week later, however, he was on the mend and went on about his life. Fast forward 10 weeks. Out of the blue he got hit with an array of symptoms—no energy, brain fog, difficulty getting out of bed, dizziness, and more. It was eventually diagnosed by a doctor as long COVID.

From Chronic Pain to Relief Man Thought Would Never Come


Matt endured nearly a decade of excruciating chronic pain due to a deteriorating and herniated back, a pinched nerve in his shoulder, and eventually, a numbing sensation in his left leg. His condition left him struggling to walk and support his family, despite trying countless remedies. However, after undergoing weekly bioregulation therapy sessions at the Center for Brain Training,

Veteran Finds Relief from PTSD with the Help of Neurofeedback

A woman who had been a nurse in humid Vietnam during the war experienced a major traumatic event that occurred on damp ground. When she returned to the U.S, she settled in Clemson, South Carolina where it rained a lot. Periodically, the smell of damp earth would re-trigger her trauma. She had significant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Home Training Significantly—and Conveniently—Helps Trauma-Plagued Businessman

Gary* went through most of his adult life feeling that something wasn’t right but didn’t know why.

There was always an undercurrent of anxiety running through his mind, stress in his body, and a sense of doom that struck the minute he awoke and got out of bed. He functioned well as the owner of a successful business but knew his mental state was holding him back and interfering with his ability to enjoy life.

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