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How Biofeedback and the Vielight Helped Equestrian Get Back in the Saddle

Alexis M has suffered three concussions from falling off a horse. It’s an occupational hazard for this passionate equestrian, who accepts the risks but has never accepted being told there was nothing that could be done about the symptom aftermath.

When she had her first concussion in 2017, Alexis went the conventional medicine route.

“No brain bleed had shown up on the scan, but I knew something was wrong,” she explained. “I was lightheaded. Dizzy. Tired. Light sensitive. I had headaches and brain fog. I felt just awful, awful all the time.

Doctors said: We can’t do anything. Give it time
“The doctors said, ‘That’s the way it is. We can’t do anything. Take Tylenol or Advil and give it time.’ It made me mad hearing that. I wasn’t willing to accept that there was nothing that could be done. When after several months I wasn’t much better, I decided to look for something that could help. Sitting around and waiting longer was silly.”

She eventually did reiki and cranial osteopathy, also known as craniosacral therapy, and felt well-recovered a year and a half later.

A terrible fall and another concussion
She then moved to Florida from New Hampshire, where, in 2019, she experienced a horrific fall. Not only did she suffer another concussion, but the horse stepped on her face and crushed it. She spent a week in the hospital and required reconstructive surgery.

Unwilling to again “give it time” she searched immediately for something to help with the concussion symptoms. Two people recommended the Center for Brain Training, so once her face was on the mend she came in for help.

More energy. Fewer headaches. Less dizziness and brain fog
After a month of three-times-a-week sessions and trial and error, the neurofeedback began reducing her symptoms. Then she added body biofeedback to her training and the Vielight*.

Within a few weeks she began experiencing more energy, fewer headaches, less dizziness, and reduced brain fog. Over the next few months, she was able to reduce her visits to the office to once a week.

“I love the Vielight”
She suspected that the Vielight was a major factor in feeling better as quickly as she did, so she bought one to use at home.

“I love the Vielight,” said Alexis, who had a third fall and concussion three years after the second one. “I don’t use it every day, just when I feel like I need it, when I’m feeling a little foggy or have a headache. For example, today I had a little bit of a headache, and within five minutes of using the Vielight, it went away.

“It’s nice having the Vielight at home because I can use it whenever I’m feeling a little off,” she continued. “It seems to just calm everything down, and by having it at home I can use it whenever I want to. I think it’s helped me recover faster from both of my most recent concussions, especially when used in combination with the neurofeedback and body biofeedback at the Center for Brain’s office.


*The Vielight is a “helmet” that uses specific wavelengths of light, known as low-level light in the red and near-infrared red light spectrum, to stimulate cellular function in the body. This light is absorbed by the cells and triggers a range of biological responses such as the production of energy in the cells, increased blood flow, and reduced inflammation.

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