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Darcee McAninley

Darcee McAninley

qEEG Coordinator & Home Use Support Specialist

Darcee McAninley holds a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania after which she earned her PE license (Professional Engineer).

Before joining the Center for Brain Training staff, Darcee’s career involved applying her analytical and engineering skills to design and renovate the mechanical and electrical systems in buildings around the U.S. and the Caribbean. She also rehabilitated sick buildings and designed new ones to minimize their risk of becoming contaminated with mold and other health hazards.

“In my earlier career I didn’t meet the people who were affected by unhealthy buildings and living environments did work that I hoped would improve their lives,” said Darcee. “At the Center for Brain Training I am meeting people all the time who have been affected by unhealthy work and home environments and am able to help them feel better. My expertise allows me to understand how pollutants get into people’s bodies and brain and help them reverse or minimize the problem.”

In her role as qEEG coordinator, Darcee analyzes brain map reports to determine how the findings match with the symptoms that clients are reporting. This analysis assists in creating more targeted, precise training protocols.

In her role as a home use support specialist, Darcee assists clients who are doing neurofeedback training at home to do so correctly. She also monitors their training and helps clients make adjustments as needed.

Darcee has many interests outside of work. In her spare time she spends time with family and friends, takes walks, goes running and plays the piano.

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