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Brain Light FAQs

FAQs About Brain Light Helmets by Vielight

What type of therapy do the machines provide?
Brain light machines are photobiomodulation devices.  They apply light in a way that promotes mental acuity, brain efficiency and increased cerebral blood flow.

How do you use the devices?
Place the “helmet” on your head and the nose clip inside your nostril. Following initial setup, the light emitters will be fixed in a strategic position. Turn the machine on and go about doing other things around the house like reading or watching TV.

Due to the devices’ precise engineering, you can be confident that you are getting exactly the right amount of exposure to the most effective type of brain healing light available every time you use it.

Why are the light emitters for the head positioned the way they are?
The places on the head were carefully designated by the developer for maximum light exposure to the brain’s default mode network (DMN). The DMN refers to parts of the brain that have strong interaction with many other areas of the brain.

What’s the purpose of the nose clip?
Light from the intranasal clip impacts the brain’s pre-frontal lobe. It can be used alone when executive function such as decision-making or problem solving is an issue.

How often should I use my brain light machine?
Using your machine daily or once every other day produces the greatest benefit, because creating biological change in cells is cumulative. With regular use most people see measurable effects in one to three months. Ideal session time is 20 minutes. These devices come with a 20-minute auto timer.

By the way, we’ve discovered at Center for Brain that using brain machines in conjunction with neurofeedback training enhances the impact of both.

Is there a guarantee? Yes. There’s a six-month 80% money back guarantee. If not satisfied, return your device within the guarantee window and receive your refund, minus any shipping and handling charges.

How do I know I’m getting the right amount of light exposure?
Brain light machines are engineered to provide a perfect balance between light intensity and power for ultimate effectiveness and safety. This combination is the result of many years of research on light exposure.

Are there any side effects?
There are no known side effects after many years of human use by the developer, and using the device is completely painless.

How much technical knowledge do I need?
Almost none! Once your device is configured and you’ve learned how to position it so that the light emitters touch your scalp, you don’t have to do anything more than place it and turn it on. We are happy to guide you in setting up your device for optimal use.

Is there any research about this sort of light therapy?
Yes. Click here to read the research and learn more about the technology and science.

For more resources and for links to videos that provide more in-depth explanation of photobiomodulation and its role in brain health, click here.

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