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A Non-Drug Approach to Helping ADHD & Anxiety

Are you or your child struggling with ADHD or anxiety?

Are there alternatives to medications?

Discover the root causes using a special brain mapping test that pinpoints attention and processing issues in the brain.

We’ll discuss how our biofeedback and neurofeedback technology can help alleviate symptoms of ADHD and anxiety without medication.

Here are the details:

Wednesday, March 15
6:30 – 7:45 p.m.

Seminar location:
Center for Brain Training office
550 Heritage Drive, Suite 140
Jupiter, 33458

You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about our non-drug approach to treating ADHD and anxiety from Mike Cohen, Director of the Center for Brain Training. Mike is a nationally renowned expert in neurofeedback and biofeedback and will be on hand to answer your questions. He has over 26 years of working with brain technologies to help stabilize and self-regulate the brain.

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Although conditions like anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD, chronic pain, and many more are often treated with prescription medication, these drugs don’t always help, and can create problems of their own. Because Neurofeedback actually trains your brain to combat symptoms of these conditions, many people who are already on medication are able to reduce or eliminate it altogether.

Neurofeedback has been proven to greatly reduce or eliminate symptoms of conditions like chronic anxiety, depression, ADHD, insomnia, and even chronic pain. Join us for a free seminar and learn all about it!