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Chronic anxiety? Panic attacks? Wish it could just stop?

Chronic anxiety? Panic attacks? Wish it could just stop?

Have medications failed? Too many side effects?
Maybe it’s time to consider the NeuroFeedback solution.

NeuroFeedback is one of the most powerful methods for reducing anxiety and panic attacks without the use of medication. With practice and reinforcement, we can help you train your brain to control how you respond to stress rather than try to avoid it or live with it.

The Center for Brain has helped countless people (both children and adults) to get control of their anxiety and take charge of their life again, often in a surprisingly short time.

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You don’t have to live with chronic anxiety anymore, and you don’t need to live with feelings of being overwhelmed or burned out. There’s something new that can change how you feel and help you take back control of your life.

Are There Alternatives to Medications?

Yes. One alternative is NeuroFeedback.

Medications don’t teach your brain to be healthier and may not eliminate your symptoms. Medications don’t help you learn to quiet your mind or how to be calm. And unfortunately, many doctors are unfamiliar with treatments other than medication.

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NeuroFeedback has been proven to greatly reduce or even eliminate anxiety symptoms. For people currently taking medication, using NeuroFeedback can help lessen a reliance on meds, and some people are able to stop taking anxiety medication entirely.

Consider the experiences of people who have benefitted from our methods:

ods-center-for-brain-anxiety52-year-old Cecily had suffered from depression and anxiety since her late 20s following a car accident. She was taking medications for depression and sleep, but over time, these didn’t help. Doctors ran out of ideas, and her anxiety surged. Cecily became increasingly fearful and anxious of everything in her life, stopped participating in normal activities, and felt completely overwhelmed. An intensive and comprehensive intervention of NeuroFeedback and BioFeedback therapy, an adjustment of her hormones, and acupuncture broke her cycle of anxiety and depression.

Today she is sleeping without medication and living a calm and peaceful life.

24-year-old Brett had become so paralyzed by panic attacks that he had been unable to work or drive for two years. He was on heavy-duty mood stabilizers, an antipsychotic medication, and other drugs. The medications helped somewhat, but not enough for him to function. After one month of NeuroFeedback sessions 3-4 times per week, his panic attacks and extreme anxiety diminished and he was able to drive again.

Now that he knows how to calm himself he reports feeling “completely normal.”

Melissa, 47, had anxiety so severe that she was unable to drive, couldn’t pay attention to anything and was afraid to leave her house. She took numerous medications for anxiety and sleep but she did not get better. At the time she came to Center for Brain, she had been suffering extreme anxiety for a solid year with very little relief. After a month of NeuroFeedback, she began feeling much calmer and was sleeping better. She started leaving the house and was even able to get and keep a job.

Following three months of treatment she appeared in our office bright, cheerful, and engaging, without any anxiety symptoms.

NeuroFeedback helps train the part of your brain that controls stress more than merely helping you manage it. When you struggle with anxiety, part of your brain is simply not able to keep you calm. NeuroFeedback trains that part of the brain to function better and maintain healthier patterns.

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Why Can’t You Simply Talk Yourself Out of Anxiety?

Screen-shot-2014-12-28-at-11.37.16-AMCenter for Brain Training AnxietyPeople who don’t understand anxiety may tell you to “calm down and not let things bother you.” If it were that easy, you’d already do it, right?

When you have anxiety, the parts of your brain that are supposed to keep you calm aren’t working very well.

As a result, anxiety sufferers are often overwhelmed, exhausted, and feel the people around them don’t understand. And you can’t just talk yourself out of an entrenched brain pattern.

Can You Learn to be Calmer?

Absolutely! NeuroFeedback is one of the most powerful technologies in the world for reducing anxiety and panic attacks. It helps the brain change the stuck patterns that cause the anxiety. While everyone experiences anxious moments, with chronic anxiety, your brain gets stuck in that state, and it’s difficult to change it.

“We’ve developed a unique comprehensive program to help those with chronic anxiety and depression to change their life. It helps your brain to manage mood and anxiety successfully.”

Michael Cohen, President and Founder of the Center for Brain

Our clients have often tried everything — from medication to meditation, from yoga to diet and exercise, from alcohol to stress-reduction techniques.

Many clients who have used NeuroFeedback say things ‘bother them less,’ their minds are quieter, and they recover from stressful events more quickly. Research repeatedly shows BioFeedback and NeuroFeedback are very helpful for any type of anxiety, even PTSD.

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What Is NeuroFeedback?

NeuroFeedback training helps change brain patterns. It measures the body and brain’s rhythms and rewards you when you make healthy patterns. With repeated training, the brain and body learn to maintain those healthier patterns.

Correcting anxiety with NeuroFeedback takes practice and reinforcement. The more your brain learns how to be calm through NeuroFeedback and BioFeedback, the more it becomes a normal state in everyday life.

With NeuroFeedback training, you learn to moderate your response to stress so anxiety occurs less frequently and is less intense and debilitating if it does happen. NeuroFeedback training helps you calm the over-reactive patterns that make life more difficult and allows you to take charge of your life again.

We also offer other tools that can be helpful with anxiety, and we encourage our clients to try different methods to see which works best. Some of these tools, such as Heart Rate Variability Training, can even be used at home.

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Mike-150x150Michael Cohen Center for BrainMichael Cohen, President and Founder of the Center for Brain is one of the leading experts in Brain BioFeedback. For 16 years, he’s taught courses and provided consulting to MDs and mental health professionals around the world, helping them incorporate new technologies for chronic pain, anxiety and mood disorders, ADHD, and neurological problems.

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