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Struggles In School?

Is Your Child Struggling In School?

Struggles in school can happen for a variety of reasons. Some kids have challenges with attention, learning, memory, behavior, emotions, impulsivity, or sensory integration. Any one of those can affect their ability to follow lessons, pay attention in class and get along socially with their peers.

Some kids with learning problems may look like they have behavioral issues because they get overwhelmed easily and can’t take in all the information and sensory input around them.

Neurofeedback addresses those challenges and helps your child’s brain adjust to healthier patterns that can have a remarkable effect on learning and behavior. Life can be less of a struggle.

At the Center for Brain, we work with families who struggle with symptoms common to:

We encourage you to look through our website, particularly the links that are more specific to children, and read case studies and struggles other parents have overcome with neurofeedback. Help is available. Please call us at 561-744-7616 to find out more about how we can help your child and family.


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