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Primary Training Tools

Primary Training Tools

EEG Neurofeedback or Brain Biofeedback

This is a core tool for helping someone learn to manage anxiety, stress, mood, sleep and behavior. It improves “brain behavior” and helps you exercise your brain back to health. It’s a very powerful, predictable training intervention.

Our Center has 5 different systems for neurofeedback. Every brain is unique.  We’ve found over many years that not everyone responds to the same type of exercise. So we have multiple ways to engage the brain that are all very proven tools for the brain. .


The LENS is a unique neurofeedback system that helps “nudge” the brain out of stuck patterns. Lots of people have stuck patterns when you look carefully at their brainwaves. A health brain is very dynamic and doesn’t tend to produce these patterns. It is so powerful we only use it for a few minutes at a time. We combine this system with traditional neurofeedback at our center to help speed up the training process for some clients.

Alpha-Theta EEG Training

Helps promote creativity and reduces stress, anxiety and tension. It is often used to for individuals to resolve deeper psychological or emotional issues. This type of training is done with eyes closed and leads your brain into a very deep state. By learning to stay in that state for extended periods, stress and anxiety are significantly reduced.

Heart Rate Variability

Another type of biofeedback that helps increase calm, improve clarity. Based on years of research, increasing the variability of the heart rate (your heart beat) in fact correlates well with more robust heart health. It has a variety of other benefits.

Oasis Pro

Try this out in our office. A powerful simple brain tool for anxiety and stress and sleep. Just put two clips on your ear lobes and go, with tiny stimulation that promotes anxiety, calm and sleep.. It helps promote alpha waves in the brain which are typically calming.


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