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Helpful Interviews for Neurofeedback

Fundamentals of Brain Rhythms

György Buzsáki, author of Rhythms of the Brain (OUP 2006) is a Professor of Neuroscience at Rutgers University. His book is a comprehensive review of the current state of research in the field of brain oscillations. It includes the role of these oscillations in sleep and memory. In episode 31 of the Brain Science PodcastDr. Buzáki explains why the rhythms of the brain are important and reflects on why this field has been neglected by some neuroscientists. I think he makes a convincing case for the position that these rhythms are an essential component of brain function.

Lynette Louise on Autism and Neurofeedback

Tanju Surmali, M.D., on Neurofeedback, Concussions, and Beyond

This is a great chance to hear a neuropsychiatrist who is using neurofeedback intensely as part of his overall treatment program.

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