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Brain Mapping: Where Do You Train?

Where do you train specific problems?

Neurofeedback training targets improved timing in the brain. By training specific areas, you often can often improve what functions that area of the brain affects.

What area of your brain might you target if you had problems with:
  • Decision making: pre-frontal lobe
  • Organization or Planning: pre-frontal lobe
  • Anticipating consequences (impulsivity): pre-frontal lobe
  • Mood: frontal lobe
  • Motivation: frontal lobe
  • Racing thoughts: anterior cingulate, sometimes posterior cingulate – down the middle of your head
  • Being too emotional: temporal lobe
  • Poor motor control: motor cortex
  • Poor handwriting: motor cortex
  • Poor language comprehension: Wernicke’s Area, left temportal Parietal area
  • Anxiety: frontal lobe, parietal lobe, pre-frontal lobe
  • Fear: amygdala –underneath the frontal lobe
  • Retrieving memories: hippocampus, left temporal lobe
  • Attention: More complex: could be multiple areas, depending on the kind of attention.
  • Easily overstimulated: parietal lobe
  • Hard to process visual/auditory information: parietal/temporal

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