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Outline for Online Alpha-Theta Course

Day 1 — Three Hours with Breaks

  1. Instructions are provided beforehand for setting up Alpha-Theta on EEGer and BrainMaster
    a. Setup, 6 Trace
    b. Frequency band targets
    c. Using defaults
    d. Reviewing the sounds
  2. What is Alpha Theta training?
  3. What is some of the history behind Alpha Theta training?
  4. What is Alpha Theta training used for?
  5. When is the client ready for Alpha-Theta?
  6. Discussing Alpha-Theta in advance with clients.
  7. How many sessions and how often do you need to do Alpha-Theta? Do you Mix it in
    with other neurofeedback vs dedicating a number of sessions to just Alpha-Theta
  8. How to prepare the client – often less is more. What to say, not to say.
  9. Using guided visualizations as part of the introduction.
  10. Using scripts.
  11. Using it with children.
  12. Discussion of sleep & how to tell if the client went to sleep.
  13.  Is it helpful to precede Alpha-Theta with progressive relaxation or Heart Rate
    Variability training – or just jump in?
  14. How long do you train the client (session time)?
  15.  Headphones vs speakers?
  16. Chair?
  17. Music?
  18. How to prepare yourself as the clinician or facilitator?
  19. Do you stay in the room?
  20. Talking with the client afterwards about their session. How did he or she do?
  21. How to Export Graph for review. Send graphs for second class course.

Day 2 — Three Hours with Breaks

  1. A brief review or research. Peniston, Gruzelier, Scott.
  2. Review of sessions – examining graphs.
  3. How to debrief/process the session with the client
  4. Watching for Abreactions and how to prepare for that.
  5. What is bad alpha?
  6. Review Sleep again. How to deal with clients who chronically fall asleep. How important is it?
  7. Why is Alpha Theta underutilized? Do we have a bias that keeps us from using it well?
  8. When is Alpha-Theta training contraindicated?
  9. Follow up discussion to scripting.
  10. Further discussion about finishing sessions with stabilization. Watching for delayed
  11.  Discuss cases & more review of graphs.
  12. Extra Long Alpha-Theta sessions.
  13. Advanced – Alpha-Theta 2 channel, or Alpha-Theta Synchrony