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Patty Hussey

Patty Hussey

Neurofeedback Technologist

Patty graduated from Loyola University in Chicago with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. She worked for many years in a variety of nursing positions in Chicago, moving to Florida in 2014 where she applied her nursing training in a home health position with a private client. Patty joined the Center for Brain Training staff in 2019.

Patty gravitated toward the work being done at the center because of her passion for science and her belief in the power of a holistic, natural approach to healing, particularly where the brain is concerned.

“One thing I enjoy about my job is hearing clients’ stories,” she said. “I also enjoy being part of helping people change their lives without medication using neurofeedback.”

In her spare time Patty enjoys reading fiction, playing Jeopardy! and (until Covid), competing on a bowling league (“I’m just an average player, but I do it because it’s fun,” she said).