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My new book explains in simple terms what neurofeedback does, how it works – and how it helps the brain.

It’s almost finished, and I need your help selecting a title for the book! Please take our quick survey below.

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Here are the book’s section and chapter headings.

Part 1 – What is Neurofeedback and How does it work?

  • Chapter One -Brain Basics
  • Chapter Two -Four Principals of Neurofeedback… Who – and How – it Helps
  • Chapter Three – A Simple Explanation of Neurofeedback
  • Chapter Four – A Brief History of Neurofeedback
  • Chapter Five -Believe it or not, You Really Can Change your Brain
  • Chapter Six – The Power of Patterns
  • Chapter Seven -More In-Depth Concepts for the Next Level of Understanding

Part 2 – Case Examples
Some thought-provoking cases: ADHD, anxiety, depression, migraines, sleep, autism, concussions, OCD and more.

Part 3 – Frequently Asked Questions about Neurofeedback

Part 4 – Reflections on the current and future field of neurofeedback.

Michael Cohen,
Director and Chief of Neurotechnology

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