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Neurofeedback Courses

Center for Brain Training Courses

Neurofeedback 101

Skill Level: Beginners

Neurofeedback 101 provides an overview of a variety of major equipment, software and methods. A hands on course and small class size with plenty of time for individual questions.  You will receive up to 5 neurofeedback sessions as well as administer 5 neurofeedback sessions. The in-person course takes place at Center for Brain.

Where: at Center for Brain Jupiter, Florida
Course Dates:
January 19th, 20th, 21st, 2024

Neurofeedback 201

Skill Level: Intermediate

Skills Training, Protocol Options & Understanding the EEG – This course will help you learn how to target training based on the EEG.  We will review what’s a normal EEG, what’s abnormal and what’s artifact. Most of the principles taught in the course can be applied across all neurofeedback systems. This is an online course.

Course recordings are available for purchase


Skill Level: Intermediate

Alpha-Theta can be a powerful tool to help release and reprocess the “psychological stuff” that has accumulated in our brains from a lifetime of events.  It’s a great tool for reaching deeper meditative states and “getting in the zone. This is an online course.

Course recordings are available for purchase

Read what participants have to say:

Addiction Recovery Nurses “On Fire” After One-on-One Neurofeedback Training

Dorothy Denigris, R.N. (standing) and Ann Webster, R.N. are practicing doing neurofeedback on one another as they prepare to start integrating it into their practice.

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Course Aids Counselor’s Decision to Add Neurofeedback to his Practice
Jesse Kessinger became interested in neurofeedback a dozen or so years ago. His brother had suffered a severe TBI and was significantly helped by neurofeedback. After observing the impact neurofeedback had on his brother, Jesse decided to consider adding neurofeedback to his practice.

He felt that Mike Cohen’s Neurofeedback 101 course would be a good place to start.

“Mike’s 3-day course is the perfect Introduction for those new to the field,” he said. “It’s an excellent immersion experience for grasping basic concepts and a good way to decide if neurofeedback is something you want to pursue in your practice.”

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Texas Therapist Says Neurofeedback “Makes More Sense” After Taking Neurofeedback 201 Course

Zachary with his wife Melinda and 15-month-old son Zayden.

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