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Jayne Krausz

Jayne Krausz

Neurofeedback Technologist

For many years Jayne suffered from chronic migraine headaches. When neurofeedback resulted in her headaches going away in 1992, Jayne “developed a passion” for the science and set about to learn all she could about it. Over the years she earned certificates in biofeedback and advanced biofeedback, peak performance biofeedback training, hypnotherapy and therapeutic crisis intervention. Her work has all been related to neurofeedback/biofeedback, with both adults and children. Jayne worked alongside Dr. Mary Jo Sabo in the groundbreaking Yonkers Project, where neurofeedback was brought into the schools to train some of the most challenging children, most with ADHD and intense behavioral issues.

In her spare time Jayne enjoys long distance bicycling. She has completed three charity rides from Boston to New York and a 500-mile trip in Alaska.