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Interested in Contributing to My New Book?

Interested in Contributing to My New Book?

The power of neurofeedback is in the client stories

Welcome to this private page created specifically for neurofeedback professionals who’re considering contributing to my new book.

This book, as yet untitled, is a compilation of stories about people in the U.S. and globally who have benefitted from neurofeedback and other forms of biofeedback. This is not a collection of testimonials or brief anecdotes but rather a series of easy-to-read feature-like stories.

You do not have to write these stories. They will be written by a professional writer. You simply choose a client with an impressive story who is willing to be interviewed (real names aren’t used). Each story will include a short PROFILE of  the clinician who helped.*

Why am I doing this?

  • The stories of neurofeedback are powerful.
  • The rest of the world doesn’t know about it.
  • Our field doesn’t tell those stories well enough.
  • Clinicians are motivated by it.

This book is a collaboration to get those stories out – from MANY clinicians and MANY clients…to make neurofeedback attractive – maybe even cool. To show what’s possible.

What’s in it for you?

You benefit by being in what I expect to be a high quality and popular book (target 100,000 copies) that will be sold around the world.  I think we can position this to be big, far beyond “neurofeedback.”

More about the stories

These stories, written to help the lay public understand the power of neurofeedback, typically cover the person’s background as it relates to their presenting issues and how those issues interfered with their lives. They include brief descriptions of what they had tried in the past to tackle those problems that didn’t work, how they came to do neurofeedback, how much neurofeedback they did, improvements they noticed during the process, and how they are now doing.

These stories will be arranged by topic (anxiety, concussion, etc.), and will include a bio of the practitioner who provided their client(s) for inclusion. We estimate that the book will contain 30-40 stories.


It costs a lot to create a book.  I found that out when I published Neurofeedback 101.

By sharing the cost of creating the content for this book, you participate in something that helps us all; something that can have a far bigger impact than individual efforts alone.

Participating clinicians will end up with a terrific story for their website/office that can be used for education or marketing as soon as the article is finalized.  Your name and a short bio will also be included in the book. A story of this quality for your use would normally cost $750-$1,000. My writer, Gwen Carden, spends 8-10 hours on each one. I am asking for participants to help defray some of the costs by contributing $250 per story. I’ll make up the difference, plus cover all the production costs.

If you’re interested in participating, please contact Gwen at her email address below.

By the way, I will be donating part of the proceeds to the ISNR Foundation.

*We do the rest.

Join me!

I hope you’ll want to join me in this ambitious undertaking and become part of a unique and valuable educational endeavor.

For more detailed information about being part of this  project, contact Gwen@CenterForBrain.com or call/text her at 561-377-0124.

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