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Cherie Mullin

Cherie Mullin

Front Desk Administrator

Cherie’s warm smile is the first thing most people see when they enter the Center for Brain office. Characterized by a glowing, bubbly personality, Cherie skillfully makes everyone feel welcome from the moment they arrive

As soon as her day begins Cherie can be found dealing with an array of endless ringing phones, client questions and perpetual paperwork – all with grace and competency.

Cherie was originally a Center for Brain client who became so fascinated and impressed with the practice, office environment and neurofeedback that she volunteered for almost a year in the front office, learning the ropes. “I loved the fact that clients weren’t just a ‘chart’ to Mike and Carolyn,” she said. “They treated everyone like real people. I also saw many people getting better, and I loved that they were helping so many people.”

In her free time Cherie and her husband are avid bicycle riders. Five days a week they leave their house at 6 a.m. and ride for 45 minutes.

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