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Behavior and Emotional Control

Behavior and Emotional Control Challenges

As a parent, it’s extremely difficult to see your child in pain and acting in ways that cause strain, not only to the child but to the family as a whole.

Behavioral problems and emotional control issues can have a variety of causes. Some kids may look like they have behavior, attention or emotional control problems when in fact they have sensory integration issues or a learning disability. They may be acting out because they’re overwhelmed and unable to tolerate all the input and information around them.

Whether your child has been officially diagnosed with a condition or seems to simply be acting out, neurofeedback can help by teaching their brains to function in a healthier pattern.

At the Center for Brain Training we work with families who struggle with symptoms common to:

  • ADHD
  • Autism and Asperger’s syndrome
  • Learning difficulties
  • Reactive attachment disorder (RAD)
  • Sensory integration issues
  • and moreWe encourage you to look through our website, particularly the links that are more specific to children, and read the stories and case studies that describe the struggles other parents have overcome with neurofeedback.

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Mike Cohen
Michael P. Cohen – Director, Center for Brain Training Michael Cohen has specialized in applied psychophysiology and EEG biofeedback since 1996 and in qEEG brain mapping since 2001. Throughout his career Mike has created and taught both beginner and advanced neurofeedback courses to more than 2,500 physicians, psychologists and therapists in North America and around the world. Read more about Mike.

Client Stories

From “Out of Control” to Success at Home and School with Home Neurofeedback Training
Julia expected parenting to be a challenge, but she wasn’t prepared for what she found herself facing with her little boy, Miguel. Miguel barely slept as an infant and didn’t improve as he got older. He threw frequent tantrums, recoiled when anyone tried to touch him and eventually became a danger to himself and others with his out-of-control behavior. Medication resulted in major side effects, and Julia didn’t believe medication would be an answer anyway. He was constantly getting into trouble at school, he misbehaved at home, and Julia feared he was heading for a perilous future if they couldn’t get a handle on the problem. She was desperate to find something that helped.
Read Miguel’s complete story here.

From Anger to Peace – How One Teen Turned His Life Around with Neurofeedback
“Neurofeedback worked for my son when nothing else did. I finally have hope for him, and he also has hope that life can get better. He is an entirely different person than he was a year ago. Christine’s son Alex was spiraling out of control. He was failing in school. He had no friends. He wouldn’t cooperate around the house and argued with his parents when they asked him to do something. He was on medication, but it wasn’t working. He even attempted suicide. After doing neurofeedback, he began doing better in all aspects in his life including at school and at home. He was even able to reduce his medication.
Read Alex’s complete story here.


“My son started doing neurofeedback when he was 9. We got help for him because he was hyperactive, difficult to deal with, and getting complaints from teachers. I didn’t want to put him on medication. I decided to try neurofeedback because it was a non-medication option. It was important to me that we went to the best. Even though the Center for Brain Training office is in Jupiter and we live in Port St. Lucie, we made the drive there because Mike Cohen has the reputation of being one of the best practitioners in the country. We had a brain map done so that the training could be more targeted, and my son made positive changes pretty quickly. We eventually decided to put him into a different school, which he liked much better. Two years later, he’s a different kid. I credit the combination of neurofeedback, a different school and maturity. Today he’s having no problems in school and is a delight to be around. That drive to Jupiter was definitely worth it.”
C. B.
Port St. Lucie, Florida

“I was amazed that after four sessions my daughter’s behavior problems were 80% better. This is almost like a miracle.”
Father of an 8-year-old daughter with extreme behavior problems
Royal Palm Beach, FL

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