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Alex Stone

Alex Stone

Front Office Coordinator

Alex’s experience working in fast-paced offices has come in handy in her current role at the Center as front office coordinator. Her job is to keep everything in our front office running smoothly. During business hours, she’s the one most likely to talk to you when you call. She manages scheduling, responds to texts and emails and skillfully coordinates a host of other office tasks.

Alex joined the Center for Brain Training in July 2021. Ten years prior, she worked in the medical field, primarily in chiropractic offices. During those earlier years she earned her Registered Chiropractic Assistant License and a CPR/AED certification.

She says one of the best parts of working at the Center is witnessing the positive outcomes of many of the patients we help. “It’s wonderful seeing people feel better who have been struggling with anxiety, ADHD, depression and sleep issues, often for many years,” she said.

Alex has personally benefitted the from the Center for Brain Training’s neurofeedback and BioReg (body biofeedback) technologies, training once weekly for anxiety. “I’ve noticed a huge difference,” she said. “I feel calmer and more focused. I sleep better and have more patience.”

As a single mother, Alex’s favorite pastime is spending time with her young son. She also enjoys working on automobiles, a hobby she was introduced to by her father as a child. She owns a 2010 and a 2013 Ford Mustang that she occasionally races.

When not with her son, behind the wheel or under the hood, she immerses herself in astrology, herbology and other “earthy things.”


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