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Poor grades? Trouble in School? Home Life Disrupted? Now there’s an Effective, Proven Drug-Free Technology for ADHD

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Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • My child has trouble behaving at school or at home.
  • My child’s grades are suffering.
  • My child has been diagnosed with ADHD – or I suspect ADHD may be at the root of their behavior or academic problems.
  • I like the idea of treating attention issues or hyperactivity without medication.
  • I would be thrilled to find a solution that could be permanent.

If you answered “yes” to any of those statements, neurofeedback may be able to help.

Center for Brain in Jupiter, Florida is renowned as one of the leading providers of neurofeedback in the United States and has worked with youngsters for more than 20 years with attention problems and academic struggles.

We know ADHD.

We know how to help children with ADHD.

We’ve seen remarkable results.

What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback uses computer technology to teach the brain to work differently, allowing the symptoms of ADHD to be reduced – or even eliminated. Behavioral changes occur because there’s been an actual change in the brain (not just a change in behavior brought on by what occurs with taking medication). Even if your child is already on medication, he or she may be able to reduce or eliminate it over time with a doctor’s help.

Over 20 years of research have shown that neurofeedback can help children with ADHD and learning issues succeed.

Mike-150x150I will personally meet with you when you come for your consultation. You can count on me to tell you whether we think we can help or not. Together we’ll work to better understand your child’s issues. There’s never a cost for this initial meeting. –Mike Cohen, Director

Client Story

My daughter, who is now 8, was having trouble in school. We got a lot of negative reports from teachers that she had difficulty focusing and was impulsive. After a little over a year of neurofeedback training at Center for Brain she has improved greatly. Her teachers report that she’s calmer in class, is focusing better, is less impulsive and is picking up better on social cues. Center for Brain has helped her a lot. Mike Cohen is really down to earth and knows how to relate to kids. My daughter looks forward to going for her sessions. I would highly recommend Center for Brain.

–G. J.
Tequesta, Florida

When my 10-year-old son was 3 he was already having problems related to hyperactivity as well as sensory, auditory and visual processing. He got so out of control that by the time he was 5 he had been expelled from five kindergartens. He was biting and hitting other kids, couldn’t sit still and wasn’t sleeping well. When our local neurofeedback practitioner was no longer available, we did some research and found Center for Brain. We traveled to Jupiter, did a brain map and started my son on a customized neurofeedback protocol, eventually buying our own equipment to train him at home, with telephone and in-person support from Mike Cohen. Almost immediately he began sleeping better, following directions better and exhibiting better impulse control. Soon afterward his sensory issues diminished, he was able to sit still and his attention span grew. We’ve been training him twice a week since then. He is now doing very well at home and in school. Neurofeedback changed his life and the life of everyone in the family.

Pricilla Vizcaino,
Monterrey Mexico

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