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Free Informational Lecture

Free Informational Lecture

By Internationally-Renowned Neurofeedback Expert
Mike Cohen, Director of Center for Brain

Poor grades? Trouble in School? Home Life Disrupted?
Now there’s an Effective, Proven, Drug-Free Technology for ADHD

It’s no fun for your child – or for you – to be struggling in school, getting complaints from teachers about behavior, acting out at home, and failing at making and keeping friends.

Perhaps you suspect attention or learning issues could
be the cause of your child’s academic and behavioral issues.


Perhaps you’d rather not put your
child on drugs to try to help.


Perhaps you’d like to learn about neurofeedback, a treatment
option that can make a huge difference with these challenges.

For the first time this year, you’ll have a chance to attend a free lecture about neurofeedback for the general public given by Mike Cohen, Director of Center for Brain in Jupiter.

Mike is a master teacher who has lectured about neurofeedback for years to the general public and given courses to hundreds of healthcare professionals both in the U.S. and abroad.

In a matter of minutes he will demystify neurofeedback in easy-to-understand terms by explaining:

  • What neurofeedback is
  • What it can and cannot do for your child
  • What the experience of neurofeedback is like
  • The science that backs it up

To register for one of our free informational lectures about the power of neurofeedback to help children like yours, click here or call our office at 561-744-7676.

Thursday, November 17 or Tuesday December 6, 2016

7 p.m.

Center for Brain office, 550 Heritage Drive, Suite 140, Jupiter, Florida 33458

Click here for directions.

FAQ’s About Neurofeedback

What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback uses computer technology to teach the brain to work differently, allowing the symptoms of ADHD to be reduced – or even eliminated.

How does neurofeedback work?

Behavioral changes occur because there’s been an actual change in the brain (not just a change in behavior brought on by what occurs when taking medication).

What if my child is taking medication for attention?

Even if your child is already on medication, he or she may be able to reduce or eliminate it over time with neurofeedback training and a doctor’s help.

ADHD is a brain issue.  Medications don’t teach the brain how to manage attention and behavior. They are simply a temporary solution.  They often have to be changed. They can produce side effects.

At Center for Brain

  • We know ADHD.
  • We know how to help children with ADHD.

Neurofeedback takes time and effort, but when the brain improves, it can have a profound impact on your child’s life, along with your entire family.

We’ve seen consistent results over the years. These tools give your child the potential to succeed for the rest of their life.

What is Center for Brain?

Center for Brain is comprised of a team of compassionate professionals whose mission is to enhance the lives of people suffering from a variety of conditions that can be significantly improved with the help of neurofeedback.

Mike-150x150Center for Brain is directed by Mike Cohen. Mike is recognized as one of the leading providers of neurofeedback in the United States. He has worked with parents and their children with attention problems and academic struggles for more than 20 years. He spends his life investigating and uncovering the best neurotechnology tools available for helping the brain.

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