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Carolyn CohenCarolyn Cohen, M.A., received her first Masters degree in Counseling from East Tennessee State University in 1976 and her second Masters degree in Medical Science from Emory University in 1983.

During her second Masters degree, Carolyn discovered that she had a learning disability affecting her visual/perceptual processing. In 1996 Carolyn was introduced to neurofeedback. After Carolyn’s first treatment with neurofeedback, she felt as if the right and left hemispheres of her brain began to properly communicate with each other. Her brain started to function in an integrated fashion. She now has a brain that feels connected, integrated, and stable.

Despite Carolyn’s challenges she has gone on to author 3 books. She notes that every now and then she still likes to receive a “tune up” with neurofeedback to help keep her brain operating at its best.

Carolyn is currently the administrative manager at the Center for Brain Training and with her husband, Michael Cohen, she helps with client education. For the past twenty years, Carolyn has also specialized in a holistic approach to mind-body integration. Carolyn and Margo Brann offer classes at the center. Classes focus on a variety of topics designed to help clients optimize brain function and improve overall well-being.


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