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Woman’s Hot Flashes Disappear in Under Three Weeks (and Three Sessions) of Neurofeedback

Mollie* couldn’t get through one day of work, or one night of sleep, without being tormented by severe hot flashes – more than 30 a day.

Jackets and towels were her constant companions at work. One moment she would be freezing and needed to don her jacket. The next moment she had to peel off everything she could to try cool down, frantically wiping off sweat and hoping no one would notice.

Mollie never got more than a couple of hours of sleep on any given night. The covers went on. The covers went off. She would awake burning up, her clothing and bedding soaked. She’d grab a bath towel, dry off, change the sheets and her night clothes and try to sleep some more before this terrible cycle repeated itself. And, of course, the fan went on, and the fan went off.

Mollie’s hot flashes began when she was 46. Herbal remedies seemed to have some benefit for a while, but by the time she came to Center for Brain at age 57, they had returned with a vengeance.

“This situation was so frustrating,” Mollie said. “Constant hot flashes made it impossible to have a normal life. Plus, being sleep deprived, I was exhausted all the time.”

Mollie got the idea of trying neurofeedback after seeing a YouTube video. Her curiosity was piqued when the woman being filmed talking about neurofeedback helping symptoms of her bi-polar disorder mentioned off-handedly that neurofeedback had also helped her hot flashes.

“I began asking around about neurofeedback,” said Mollie. “I was surprised that a lot of people knew about it and that it wasn’t as obscure as I thought.” When she mentioned neurofeedback to a friend in the medical field, the friend not only knew about it but recommend Center for Brain to her.

She called for an appointment and booked a session. After the very first session, Mollie experienced an immediate reduction in hot flashes of 50 percent.

After her second session a few days later, she didn’t experience a single hot flash for three days.

Following her third session a week after the second, her hot flashes stopped entirely.

“It took less than three weeks to get relief from a problem I had had for 11 years,” Mollie explained.

“My sleep has been great,” she added, “like a lump on a log.”

She says she’s also full of energy, something she thought would never happen again.

“This has been just unbelievable,” she said. “Neurofeedback gave me my life back. I am so grateful to Center for Brain.”

*Name changed to protect client privacy.