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Tinnitus, Anxiety, Panic, Depression Improve with BioReg and EMF Reduction

Antonia was plagued by ringing in her ears (tinnitus), severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression and disrupted sleep (she could go to sleep but not stay asleep). Five healthcare professionals couldn’t help. After doing seven sessions of body biofeedback and significantly reducing the EMF’s in her home by disconnecting all WiFi and Bluetooth, the ringing in her ears went away, she felt calmer and less depressed, and her sleep vastly improved.

Suddenly, and without warning, 34-year “Antonia*” started experiencing ringing in her ears (tinnitus). At the same time, she was hit with severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression and disrupted sleep (she could go to sleep but not stay asleep).

Antonia was so incapacitated she could barely care for her family. Doctors couldn’t help, and she was desperate. A friend suggested she ask Mike Cohen at the Center for Brain Training for an evaluation and help. She did, and within three weeks, the tinnitus and all the other symptoms plaguing her had evaporated.

“I never expected to have my life back after just three weeks,” exclaimed Antonia, “especially when I was told by numerous healthcare professionals that there was nothing that could be done.”

When tinnitus struck, so did the panic and anxiety. It took all of Antonia’s energy to keep herself composed, to manage her four young children and get meals on the table every night. It got so bad her mother had to start coming over daily to care for the children.

She would awake in the middle of the night in a panic and be unable to go back to sleep. She felt overwhelmed all the time and couldn’t quiet her mind. She felt agitated during the day, and no matter what she did, she couldn’t calm herself. She worried excessively.

Adding to that, as the days went on, the tinnitus only got worse.

“My only goal was to survive…until bedtime”
“Every day when I got up, my only goal was to survive the hours until bedtime when I could go to sleep and get a little relief,” she recalled.

Five healthcare professionals couldn’t help
In her quest for help, Antonia saw two ENT’s, a primary care physician, a neurologist and a mental health counselor. They all told her that nothing could be done and that she’d “just have to get used to it.” One doctor put her on an anti-anxiety medication, but she thinks that made her panic attacks worse.

A friend told her about Center for Brain Training
One day, after Antonia shared what was going on with someone who works at her church, the woman told her about Mike and the Center for Brain Training. Antonia had never heard of the Center for Brain Training or anything offered there, but she was desperate and willing to try anything.

She arranged an immediate consultation with the center’s director Mike Cohen. Mike told her that the first order of business was to calm her nervous system. He suggested she do a body BioRegulation therapy (BioReg) session to see if that would help.

One session calmed her, like she’d taken a pill
“After just one session I was so calm I felt like I had taken a pill, like there was a heavy weight off my shoulders,” she said.

The Wi-Fi/Bluetooth factor
Mike questioned Antonia about the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in her house and sent her home with a meter to check the amount of EMF (electromagnetic fields) being emitted by various devices.

“When my husband and I pulled into our driveway, before we even went inside, the meter was reading ‘extreme,’” Antonia recalled. They immediately went about disabling the Wi-Fi on all their devices, connected everything with ethernet cords and purchased a different router, all resulting in considerably lower EMF readings.

That first week, she did three BioReg sessions with the help of Mike and partner Carolyn Cohen, and two the following week.

Treatment discontinued after seven sessions
“After the second session I went for two days without any ringing in my ears and was feeling much calmer, too” Antonia recalled. “In the third week I had one treatment. After that, there was no ringing in my ears for six of seven days. I also was experiencing much less anxiety, no depression and was sleeping much better. She discontinued treatment after seven sessions because her symptoms didn’t recur and her life, including her sleeping habits, had returned to normal.

“Mike felt that the combination of the BioReg, along with reduced EMF, had resulted in the improvement coming so fast,” she noted.

Antibiotics, nutrient deficiencies and Epstein-Barr factors
In an effort to find out what might have been at the root of the problem, Antonia visited a natural medicine doctor recommended by Mike after Mike learned that Antonia had taken a lot of antibiotics in the past.

The doctor conducted extensive blood tests and concluded that the antibiotics, certain depleted nutrients, and the doctor’s discovery that she had Epstein-Barr, might very well have prompted the crisis. All are being addressed.

“I’m very grateful to Mike, Carolyn and the staff,” said Antonia. “Without their help, I probably would still be suffering and have no hope. I urge anyone struggling with what I had to call them. It’s the place to go if you need help.”

*Name changed to protect confidentiality.

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