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Positive Brain Training

What Is Positive Brain Training?

Positive Brain training is an accelerated, new way of neurofeedback called LORETA. The Center for Brain Training  now offers this revolutionary approach in partnership with Brain Training Centers and Dr. Rex Cannon.

This new type of neurofeedback directly targets improving the function and communication between networks within the brain. The published research by Dr. Rex Cannon and others suggests that Positive Brain Training, which helps the underlying brain networks, speeds up neurofeedback training and often has a more profound, lasting effect in a shorter time than traditional neurofeedback.

How Is Positive Brain Training Different?

whole brain trainingOne main difference is that the training is compressed. Clients come for neurofeedback more often for a shorter period of time than with traditional neurofeedback. Typically, with Positive Brain Training, clients come 12-20 times over a three-week period. Positive changes are generally noticed by the sixth session.

Secondly, this type of training incorporates the use of many more sites on the head than traditional neurofeedback. Positive Brain Training uses a whole head cap and based on research, appears to provide feedback that directly impact several of the brain’s underlying networks and connections,.   Traditional neurofeedback often uses several electrodes on specific sites of the head to target areas of the brain.

LORETA- based neurofeedback is more precise and the technology more sophisticated and advanced, which appears to help the underlying networks to changes more quickly. These underlying networks affect attention, sleep, the ability to be calm and  to quiet the mind, and far more.

How Do I Know If I’m a Candidate for Positive Brain Training?

To find out more, please call our Jupiter office at 561-744-7616. We have two clinics for offering Positive Brain Training and work in conjunction with Brain Training Centers which has two other locations, so we can be sure to provide a convenient office near you.

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