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Mental Zone Training for Golf Peak Performance

Be a Better, More Consistent Golfer
Develop Your Head Game

If you want to excel and consistently play at peak performance, get your brain in the game.

Most athletes (and golfers) pay lip service to the mental game. They neglect the mental game completely. What???

Let’s say you’re playing, you’re doing great. Then you have a bad hole. Something goes wrong. NOW – you get upset. You get thrown. It bothers you.

Very few people can quickly get back to it. They have no strategy, no SKILL, for how to recover.  That’s what we teach. SKILLS to recover. Consistently. NO matter what happens.

Every golfer and every athlete has heard “get your head in the game”. The brain is key to maintaining concentration, coordination, and a calm focus.

That means practicing “getting your head in the game.” It’s as important – maybe more important – as practicing your swing or hitting the ball.

So, how do you train your brain?  How do you measure better performance?

“Mental Zone Training”

The key is measuring performance – of your mental zone. And practicing until it improves. Just like the rest of your game, it’s a skill that requires practice. It’s not hard. It does require practice.

Learn to be better at being calm and present the moment you need it. On the course. Playing other sports. In a meeting.

STAGE 1:  Calm Focus with Heart Rate Variability and Mental Training
All performance requires measurement to improve.This unique training program, combined with new technology, measures and tracks your improvement.

  • How quick are you at getting to “single-pointed focus”?
  • Clearing your mind?
  • Not being overly wound up or intense?

Measure it. Practice it. Develop the skill. Learn to do it ON DEMAND.
No matter what just happened.

Stage 2: Sharper Timing
Brain timing is everything. It produces better coordination. It creates more consistency, and more accuracy. Combine improved brain timing with coaching.

Again – MEASURE your Timing performance. Track improvement. Practice. Til your skill improves. This type of biofeedback directly improves sports performance – at ANY AGE.

Play at Peak Performance

Our Performance Package helps you achieve better Head Game performance. Stop allowing frustration, tension, or even the excitement of the perfect shot affect your next move. With our Peak Performance program, special coaching techniques and a combination of technologies will help improve your mind-body connection and your game.

Improved coherence prevents your mind from interfering with your performance. It has helped athletes be calmer and more focused at the peak moment – and have more fun along the way. Over-intensity is not the solution to peak performance, being “in the moment” is. It will boost performance, in sports, and in other areas of your life. It’s a simple way to train your mind and body, but it takes practice and very good coaching to convert it into a skill. Most importantly, it produces immediate, quantifiable, and long-lasting results. The program incorporates top biofeedback instruments fine-tuned for performance improvement. From measuring physically how quickly you are able to calm yourself and recover from intrusive thoughts to evaluating timing and coordination, these instruments help you continually improve. Improving these skills improves your game.

What Now?

Are you interested in learning about how you can play at Peak Performance? Call us at 561-744-7616 to schedule a consultation and find out how Mental Zone Training can help you achieve peak performance at golf, other sports, and business. You can also fill out the Contact Us form in the left sidebar and we’ll get back to you soon. Get your head in the game.

Neurofeedback Brain Training

Neurofeedback helps improve brain performance.  That, in turn, helps improve attention, mood, controlling thoughts and emotions, and learning. It can also target motor control. To assist in increasing athletic performance, neurofeedback training is typically added between sessions 5 and 10 of Interactive Metronome training.

The number of Neurofeedback Sessions can vary. It is training – and learning. For example, improving attention or emotional control is like learning any new skill.  How long it takes to learn a new skill varies immensely. Neurofeedback training often ranges from 15 to 40 sessions. Neurofeedback brain training is synergistic with Interactive Metronome Training.

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