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Consulting for Consumers

Want Help Thinking Through Your Options About Neurofeedback?

Michael Cohen, of the Center for Brain Training, offers personal, private consulting for people interested in additional information, support, or guidance about neurofeedback. So many options are available, it can be overwhelming trying to decide the best care, protocols, equipment, or classes. Helping people find the best solutions for their neurofeedback needs is important, and Mike knows that isn’t always easy.

Why consulting? Here are some questions he routinely helps answer:

  • Do you or a loved one have symptoms, a diagnosed disorder, or problem and wonder if neurofeedback can help? Is neurofeedback right for you or your child’s unique situation? Could there be other factors at play such as possible unrecognized allergies or undetected medical issues that could take a priority over neurofeedback? Is medication a better first step at times?
  • Are you currently seeing a neurofeedback clinician and want a second opinion or a second objective view of protocols, treatment methods, or length or number of sessions? Do you wonder if you’re making the same progress as others with similar symptoms, or if there are other things you can do along with your neurofeedback training? Second opinions are common in medical and mental health and can give you more information about whether a clinician is the best fit for you and your family.
  • Are you interested in getting neurofeedback equipment for home use and want help sorting through the system options and classes available to best help your circumstances? Would an overview of your options help you get the best equipment for your needs?
  • Do you already have home equipment but aren’t having the success you would like? Does it sit unused? Has it become a chore? In addition to coaching you through your sessions so you become more comfortable with your equipment, Mike can privately dial into your computer and run your sessions for you. He helps support your home-use so your neurofeedback equipment can be of most benefit to you.
  • Do you need to travel to receive treatment? Learn what you need to know in finding a distance provider. At the Center for Brain Training, we’ve had people come from all over the United States as well as other countries to train with us. We understand your unique needs. We won’t push you to work with us; we want you to find the best care for your situation.

Neurofeedback Questions From Around the World

Regularly, Mike receives calls and emails from people around the world who have these questions, or similar ones. The field of neurofeedback is complex, and options are many. How do you choose? How do you know if you have the right provider? If you want neurofeedback equipment to use at home, how do you pick the right system? If your child has specific needs, how can you best be sure they are being met? Mike understands these questions and answers them for concerned clients and parents every day.

Through careful questioning, Mike may discover your symptoms also match symptoms of allergies, food or chemical sensitivities, or thyroid or endocrine problems. While he does not dispense medical advice, he may recommend seeing a doctor to rule out these types of complicating factors. Neurofeedback may or may not be the best choice for your situation, and he’ll tell you what he thinks based on years of training and experience.

By talking with an objective third-party who has years of experience in the field, you can save a lot of time, money, and potential heartache by knowing the right questions to ask. He has studied the many different systems and software available, as well as the many different brain training methods clinicians use in their private practices. His goal is not to push people into trying neurofeedback, but in exploring and finding the best, well-balanced options for their situation.

For people interested in home neurofeedback training, Mike’s expertise and ability to dial into your computer and run your sessions while you stay in the comfort of your own home is a significant benefit. This helpful option is ideal for people with mobility issues, hectic schedules, or people who need to travel significant distances to get to a neurofeedback provider.

Consulting sessions are available in 30-minute increments. You can learn more about Mike on our About Us page or visit his more extensive bio.

Fill out our Contact form or call our office at 561-744-7616 to find out more about how a consulting session can help you today. The Center for Brain Training is here to help you with any of your neurofeedback questions or concerns.