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Comprehensive Testing for Children

Comprehensive Testing for Children

Is your child struggling to meet his or her full potential?  Could it be ADHD, or Aspergers, or Autism?  Could there be a learning or processing problem?  Perhaps your child is bright and needs to be challenged more in the classroom?

Testing  and expert interpretation can help answer your questions.

Center for Brain’s Comprehensive Testing Services include:  
  1. Conventional neuropsychological and psycho-educational testing  along with an innovative brain scan called a qEEG.
  2. Interpretation of the test results to give you a clearer picture of the issues.
  3. Guidance and recommendations to help you tackle the problem.

Center for Brain is one of only a few centers around the country that is offering this comprehensive testing service. 

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Comprehensive testing is about getting answers 

Neuropsychological and psycho-educational evaluations can be invaluable tools in understanding and addressing the needs of your child.  They can assist in determining your child’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as in the development of strategies and interventions.

Once you have a thorough understanding of your child’s potential, his or her current level of academic achievement, and personal areas of strength and weakness, it’s easier to determine what to do next. Testing provides you with an additional piece of the puzzle and better equips you to move forward as you plan for your child’s education.

Testing can confirm a diagnosis, address your worst fears and finally give you answers. Getting answers, even if they are not the answers you’d hoped for, is so much better than not knowing. You can plan.  You can adapt. You can set goals, and you can help your child move toward success.

How do you know if your child should be tested?   

If your child demonstrates any of the following behaviors, testing may be recommended:

  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Doing poorly in school
  • Causing disruptions in the classroom or at home with siblings
  • Trouble making or interacting with friends and siblings
  • Acting irresponsibly or impulsively
  • Being aggressive and defiant
  • Prone to emotional outbursts or bouts of depression
  • Experiencing lags in reaching developmental milestones
  • Bored at school – not being challenged enough
  • Anxious or obsessive tendencies

While this is not a complete list, if your child is struggling and your efforts have not been able to solve the problem, you may want to consider testing.

What is different about the testing services offered at Center for Brain? 

We combine conventional neuropsychological and psycho-educational testing with an innovative brain scan called a qEEG.

This safe non-invasive brain mapping technology lets us look at the patterns of your child’s brain.  Seeing how your child’s  brain functions, adds significantly to our understanding of your child and their issues.

We combine the data from the brain scan with the results of the conventional neuropsychological and psycho-educational testing.  This lets us give you a much more objective and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

These comprehensive testing services are only offered at a handful of facilities, nationwide. 

Most testing facilities diagnose strictly based on written and verbal tests.  We are one of only a few facilities, nationwide, that has the ability to combine the qEEG brain scan with standard psychological and psycho-educational testing to give you an in-depth picture of your child and their issues.

Working with more complete and objective data gives us the ability to more accurately identify your child’s challenges.  We find that once the issues are clearly understood, the right recommendations can be made. 

One mom reported that after years of taking her child to various psychologists, MDs and other specialists, the qEEG report was the first description anyone had ever offered her that accurately described her child.

It is not unusual, for example, to have a child come into our center diagnosed with ADHD, but have his or her brain scan reveal something quite different—like a processing problem, or sensory integration issues.  ADHD medication may not be needed; in fact, it may be counter productive, not to mention exposing your child to the potential risks of side effects.

What can we evaluate with our testing services? 
  • ADHD
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Developmental Delays
  • IQ & Gifted
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Processing Problems
How does a qEEG brain scan work? 

QEEG is short for “quantitative electroencephalogram.”

This safe, non-invasive technology reads the electrical activity of your child’s brain via a cap placed over the head.  It measures the speed at which the neurons in the brain fire.  It also looks at how distinct areas of the brain communicate with each other and identifies which regions or “circuits’ are under-performing.   Being off even a little, can greatly affect how well one thinks, learns and behaves.

The qEEG is able to map in full color exactly how your child’s brain is “wired”.  The qEEG report then compares your child’s brain patterns with the patterns of other children of the same age to see if and where there are significant differences.   Once we know why your child is struggling, we can customize a blueprint for helping.

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Who will conduct the tests? 

Dr. Nathalie deFabrique administers the qEEG and the neuropsychological tests, diagnosing any issues, and offering appropriate treatment recommendations.

She is a highly qualified and experienced psychologist, whose goal it is to make the testing and treatment process as easy for you as possible.

Nathalie deFabrique, Ph.D. has extensive experience in the field of neuropsychology and psychological assessments with patients ranging from young children to the elderly. She is also a certified provider of neurofeedback.

Additionally, Dr. de Fabrique believes in a diverse approach to treatment including nutrition, physical activity and brain optimization.

Two choices for getting started:  

If you have specific questions, schedule a 15 minute phone conversation. Find out if neuropsychological/psycho-educational testing or a qEEG is right for your child.

We’ll discuss your situation and help you determine if testing is appropriate.

To schedule a consultation, complete the contact form or give us a call at 561-744-7616 to schedule your consultation.

If you are ready to have your child tested, call 561-744-7616 to schedule an appointment, or complete the contact form and click send.

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