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Seeking Future Clinical Manager of Neurofeedback Center

Seeking Future Clinical Manager of Neurofeedback Center

We need someone able to learn and eventually take over our neurofeedback and brain training business. This job is an extraordinary opportunity for the right individual.

The ideal candidate will be skilled in working with adults and children. Our clients struggle with ADHD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, developmental issues and more.

You will work hand-in-hand with our center’s director to learn how to deliver neurofeedback and brain mapping services.

Neurofeedback is an emerging field that continues to gain momentum as people look for evidence-based alternatives to medication. The person we hire will find themselves on the leading edge of this exciting career, trained by one of the top neurofeedback practitioners in the U.S.

Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback. It utilizes sophisticated computerized technology to help people “rewire” their brain circuits. It’s employed in lieu of medications, or in conjunction with them.

The ideal candidate will have the following qualities and abilities:

  • A commitment to continuous learning. They need to be willing to extensively study the brain, including factors that impact the brain and the way it influences human behavior. Other areas of study include learning about the impact of lifestyle and nutrition on the brain.
  • Comfort utilizing technology and open to learning a variety of neurofeedback systems and software.
  • Organically empathetic and compassionate. You will be dealing with children and adults who are fragile, sensitive, highly emotional, anxious, traumatized, have behavior issues or are easily overwhelmed.
  • The ability to patiently encourage, “coach,” reassure and “tune into” clients who are working to overcome brain-based problems, many of which have existed for years and/or are the result of profound trauma.
  • To be good at simplifying complex, complicated issues and explaining them in person or on the phone
  • A “keen observer” of symptoms and client feedback – or what we call a “brain and nervous system detective.”
  • Ability to work cooperatively as part of a close-knit team.
  • Detailed, upbeat (even under pressure), professional and independent-minded.

On-the-job training
Our director is looking for a someone who can be his right hand, who he can mentor to help run the practice. Ideally, this person is licensed, or licensable, in the field of mental health or educational psychology.

We’ll offer this person extensive training in our methods and approaches. The learning process will require you to complete some weekend courses online or in person, and to attend occasional out-of-town conferences. You’ll need to read books, research, and other materials related to the field to enhance your knowledge, skill and professionalism.

In addition to learning neurofeedback, you’ll learn about utilizing qEEG brain map analysis to identify key areas of the brain that are dysregulated.

Our Center is in its 13th year of operation in Jupiter, Florida (Palm Beach County). We’ve built a solid reputation in our area. We are highly client-oriented and offer concierge-style services.


Send us an email explaining why you’re interested, and why you think you would be a good fit. Please attach a resume (PDF format preferred).

We are too busy to take unsolicited calls, so kindly contact us through email only. career@centerforbrain.com.

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