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Out-of-Control Teen Boy Changes “Dramatically” after doing Neurofeedback and Taking Brain-Boosting Supplements

(as told by his father)

When “Bradley” was an infant he suffered brain damage after going into a diabetic coma in his crib. By the time we discovered him, he had turned blue and was barely breathing.

As he grew up, it was obvious early on that he wasn’t a normal child. For as long as I can remember, Bradley had emotional, social and academic problems. He was not affectionate and didn’t relate to his mother or me like a normal child. On top of that, he was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD, and was put on several medications over the years which didn’t fix anything.

Everything came to a head about six months ago when Bradley, who is now 16, hit his mother. I knew we had to do something different or he was going to hurt someone or end up in prison.

I started looking for a solution other than medication and found the Center for Brain Training on the internet. Even though their office is 95 miles from where I live, I took Bradley there for his first session. To my amazement, I saw an improvement the very first day going home in the car. My son was calmer and more communicative.

He’s now had eight sessions and I’ve seen a dramatic change in him. He is affectionate with his mother and me for the first time in his life, hugging us all the time. He’s less prone to anger and emotional outbursts, more communicative and is calmer. He now spends his free time working on cars (and not watching video games). He and I have more of a normal father-son relationship.

I have a business that participates every year in a trade show in Miami that goes on for five days, eight hours a day. In the past I had never been able to bring my son along because he would have been miserable and impatient. This year the entire family came, including Bradley, and he did just fine.

At Mike Cohen’s suggestion we incorporated some nutritional supplements into Bradley’s diet. Over time, with the doctor’s help, we also took him off of Vyvance. He’s doing better socially and academically and seems like a different person.

I’m amazed by the power of Bradley’s neurofeedback training. It’s been incredible, a miracle. I want to tell my son’s story because I believe everyone should know what neurofeedback can do.