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“Out of control” four-year old improves significantly after six months of at-home neurofeedback

Four-year-old David was out of control, constantly seeking attention, causing disruption in the home and in danger of physically harming his siblings. Six months after doing regular neurofeedback training with an at-home system, he is calm at home, follows directions, plays nicely with his siblings, socializes with other children, and is a model child in pre-kindergarten.

Four-year-old “David” was out of control. The youngest of four children, he was constantly seeking negative attention at home. He’d jump on and try to harm his siblings, screamed around the house and wouldn’t sit still.

“He was constantly seeking negative attention,” his mother “Talia” said. “Dealing with him was taking up all my energy.”

School wasn’t any better. He cried and resisted walking to school with Talia and, once inside, didn’t cooperate with the teacher. He refused to participate in activities like circle time and wanted nothing to do with the other children.

Expert evaluations revealed that everything was “normal,” but Talia knew better. Something was wrong – but without a diagnosis, she didn’t know where to turn.

In September of 2017 Talia acquired a home-use neurofeedback system, using it with David twice weekly. Almost immediately he began behaving better. After a few weeks she reduced session frequency to once a week. She also instituted behavior modification but did no other therapy and gave him no medication. Six months later, Talia reported that David is calm at home, follows directions, plays nicely with his siblings, socializes with other children and is a model child in pre-kindergarten.

“David can calm himself before things escalate and is much more ‘self-aware,’” noted Talia. Now we invite kids over to the house to play, and when he sees another child outside he waves and says hello.

“To see him succeeding is wonderful,” she added. “It’s been like a miracle.”

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