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Nine-Year-Old Boy’s Attention, Grades and Shyness Improve Dramatically after 20 Neurofeedback Sessions

John, age 9, was painfully shy. He was very quick to get upset and cry. He also had difficulty with attention and struggled with reading and writing. He was not doing well in school. His mom was very concerned.

The Center for Brain Training recorded an EEG brain map, which identified two key brain patterns: Excessive theta waves which correlate to an inattention problem and a lack of connectivity between the left central and parietal areas of the brain. These areas correlate with learning problems, and struggling with reading and writing.

We targeted those areas. He did 20 training sessions. The mom wrote a couple of months later, “John just got his report card yesterday and he got 4 A’s and 2 B’s! His teacher showed me a test John took for Florida Writes and he wrote almost 3 pages! She also said that he is raising his hand to answer questions and to read out loud.” She was very excited and pleased with the outcome of treatment.

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