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Neuropsychologist Learns about the ‘Art and Science’ of Neurofeedback in Neurofeedback 101 Course

Skip Hrin chats with Center for Brain Training’s co-director Carolyn Cohen about electrode placement options.

Skip Hrin is a neuropsychologist in Wasilla, Alaska.

When he and his partner Kelci Hatcher decided to enhance their knowledge about neurofeedback, they knew just where to learn about it: Center for Brain Training’s Neurofeedback 101 course.

They had already taken some other neurofeedback courses. However, they wanted a stronger foundation in the technology from someone with a solid reputation for excellence.

“One of the cool things that Mike did in the course was to reassure us that we could navigate challenges with training protocols by learning how to adjust them,” said Skip. “He said to be flexible and to use our intuition. In other words, we learned that there is both an ‘art’ and a ‘science’ to successful neurofeedback training.”

He confessed that the Neurofeedback 101 course was, at times, “a bit overwhelming,” but added, “Mike normalizes it…puts you at ease…and by the end you walk away feeling like you can do it.

“Mike’s philosophy is that it’s not about getting a diagnosis but about figuring out what’s happening in the brain that’s causing the behavior.”

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