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Neurofeedback 101 Helps Therapist Choose/Learn Equipment

Susan Crews’ therapy career began in community mental health. Eventually she went on to work with a large population of veterans, specializing in trauma.

Her quest for excellence led her down a path from talk therapy to EMDR and finally to neurofeedback, ultimately seeking out training from Mike Cohen.

Talk therapy wasn’t the answer

Susan, a licensed mental health counselor, began her career employing conventional talk therapy. When she realized that wasn’t the answer for many of her clients, she began offering EMDR.

A book that made a difference

Then Susan read The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk. That convinced her of something she wanted to do: add neurofeedback to her tool bag for clients who needed something more when she opened two private practices in the Gainesville, Florida area.

She began by taking an introductory neurofeedback course in California. She then purchased and began using a low-frequency neurofeedback system.

Impressive results for some

Many of her results were impressive. People who had been stuck for years from grief or trauma often discontinued therapy after a couple of months because they were significantly improved.

Not everyone responded dramatically to the low-frequency training, however. She felt she needed another neurofeedback tool but didn’t know which one would be right for her practice. She turned to Mike Cohen for help.

Seeking guidance

“We talked about my needs and the types of clients I work with,” recalled Susan. “By asking me questions, he was able to guide me toward what would work best for me. He was a great guide, very open, helpful and available, and I just naturally resonated with him.”

Enrolling in Neurofeedback 101

After concluding that an EEGer system would be ideal for her needs, Susan enrolled in Mike’s Neurofeedback 101 course to get some hands-on training.

“The EEGer system seemed more advanced and direct than what I had been using,” she explained. “Mike helped me to see the ease of its application.”

Besides familiarizing herself with the EEGer system in the course, Susan learned more about choosing protocols. She also learned about brain mapping and became intrigued about the possibility of adding brain mapping to her practices.

“I’m very happy to have learned so much in the course, especially about how to use my new EEGer system,” she said. “It means I won’t be leaving anyone at the table. If there’s no response from one system, I’ll have another to offer that I know how to use properly.”

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