Join us for a free seminar on Wednesday, July 18th. Learn about neurofeedback treatment for difficult conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD, learning/processing challenges, chronic pain and more Click here to learn more.

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Free Monthly Lecture

Come Learn About How Your Brain Can Fix Itself

Presented by:

Michael Cohen
Director of Training
Center for Brain Training

The Free Educational Presentation Covers:

  • Your brain’s capacity to change itself, known as neuroplasticity.
  • Your brain and how it functions – how timing can affect your brain’s performance.
  • Neurofeedback – What is it? How does it work, and why does it work?
  • How training your brain with neurofeedback can help you reduce reliance on medication and overcome problems with:
    • ADD & ADHD
    • Anxiety & Depression
    • Learning Problems
    • Sleep Disorders
    • Migraines
    • Obsessive Thoughts

Upcoming Seminar Dates :

Wednesday, February 11th / Jupiter Office / 7:00 PM

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