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Dr. Elizabeth Doyle

Elizabeth “Liz” Doyle, Ph.D

Director of Education and Home Supervision Coordinator

Dr. Elizabeth Doyle joined the Center for Brain Training team in 2009. She’s had many roles since then, currently serving as both Director of Education and Home Supervision Coordinator. In these roles she manages the details for training courses for professionals and assists individuals seeking to implement neurofeedback at home.

Dr. Doyle has a doctorate in transformational psychology. As part of her graduate studies, she underwent a three-year training program in the cultivation of human capacities with Dr. Jean Houston, one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement.

Those studies exposed Dr. Doyle to the extraordinary potential residing in the human mind – one of the tenets of neurofeedback. It was therefore natural that she was drawn to the field once she heard about it, and even more so when she witnessed the life-changing benefits it provided a close friend.

“What appeals to me about what I do is being part of helping people transform their lives,” she said. “We’ve seen non-verbal kids with autism start to talk. We’ve seen people with migraines get relief from their pain. We’ve seen relationships improve, and academically challenged kids succeed in college.

“To be part of something that gives hope to people who are struggling is powerful.”

Dr. Doyle’s personal interests include spending time with friends and family, enjoying the beauty of nature, exploring spirituality and meditative practices and sharing a good movie with her husband.

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